Kitchen tips for new cooks!Tip Of the Day

December 04, 2015 15:28
Kitchen tips for new cooks!},{Kitchen tips for new cooks!

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Have you started cooking and spending good enough time in kitchen these days? Then you can be labeled as ‘new cook’. As a new cook, you have to keep a track of few tricks and tips useful while you are in kitchen. Here we listed out few. Check out.

•    You use your kitchen platform ‘n’ number of times a day. Right from cutting vegetables to laying out kitchen utensils. Hence, it is important to keep it very clean and dry. Keep using disinfectant as well as a clean soft cloth for wiping it down many times a day.
•    Wet utensils attract bacteria. So, avoid laying them on the counter by wiping them dry and then placing them.
•    Do not leave your dust bin open. Keep it in a corner, well covered. Spray or leave an insect repellent in the dustbin every night to ensure that no roaches or bugs get attracted.
•    Hard to believe, but the handle of your refrigerator could be a bed for bacteria. So, it is important to clean it on daily basis with a moist cloth. Ensure no dirty finger prints are left on the handle.
•    Keep a handy mop useful to wipe off spills, which fall on to the floor accidentally.
•    If you observe, even your stove tends to turn dirty at a quick pace. So it is good to make a habit of cleaning it regularly. Mixture of water and lemon can help you remove the grease from the stove.
•    Maintain two vegetable chopping boards and use them alternatively. While selecting, opt for a wooden ones as then tend to last for a long time.
•    In case smell of food tends to turn you off as you step into the kitchen, cut an onion into four pieces and place the pieces around the kitchen. You will be amazed to see how the smell gets soaked.


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