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January 19, 2016 12:24
Tips to have lunch at work place},{Tips to have lunch at work place

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Many people don’t really bother about their lunch at work place. They end up having lunch within few minutes at their work stations. Leisurely lunch has become a luxury many of us can't afford. But, here the question is ‘Are we paying price for this habit?’ Check out few important tips while having lunch and follow them to avoid further health complications.

Lunch Break Is Important
First thing to remember is that lunch break is important. This is because your body gets an opportunity to release cholecystokinin, or CCK hormone. The hormone sends "full up" signal allowing brain to identify that we are not hungry anymore and let us stop eating. And do not be in hurry to finish your lunch.

Do not eat quickly
It is a bad habit to eat quickly. According to nutritionist Shona Wilkinson, "It's important that we sit up straight while eating, rather than being hunched over our desk, and it's also important to eat slowly." If you sit up straight, your digestion gets improved, reducing the chances of bloating as well as discomfort. So eat slowly and chew your food well.  Swallowing half chewed particles will end up in fermentation of undigested particles in the gut.

Include proteins in meal
When we carve for quick, processed foods full of fat and sugar; we experience a rapid fall in blood sugar levels. This will leave us tired and lethargic. We apparently carve for sugar in the form of chocolates or biscuits. On the other hand, proteins slow down the sugar release from carbohydrates into bloodstream. Thus, they help feel fuller for long time with more energy.

No harm to skim morning coffee
According to A-list trainer Dalton Wong, "Too much caffeine floods your body with the stress hormone cortisol. This can lead to sugar cravings later on. Stick to one or two coffees. Better still, green tea increases metabolism and is full of antioxidants." Also stick to water, avoiding juice drinks. These drinks, which seem healthy, actually contains loads of sugars.


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