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August 29, 2015 15:19

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You might have probably not entered kitchen before wedding. You may not be aware of simple ways to make your job easy in kitchen. Do not have to panic about cooking and kitchen after wedding. These simple kitchen tips will surely help you and make your job regarding kitchen basics easy.

How to handle chilies - useful kitchen tip

Rub little vegetable oil on palms before chopping chilies. The oil acts as a barrier restricting the absorption of fiery properties and aroma of chilies. Half it length-wise to quickly deseed chilies using a tea spoon.

How to minimize excess salt - useful kitchen tip

If salt is your soup exceeds, simply add a peeled and quartered potato in it. It would act as a sponge absorbing the excess salt without leaving a flavor. Do not forget to remove the potato before serving. Other alternatives are adding a cup of water or a pinch of brown sugar.

Rescuing burnt rice - useful kitchen tip

If you have burnt the rice, remove from the heat and place a piece of bread on top for 10 minutes. The burnt flavor would be absorbed and extracted this way. Rice should now be fine to eat. However, leave the burnt rice at the bottom of the pan before serving.  

Avoiding pouring boiled Milk - useful kitchen tip

Often milk boils and spills around leaving the surroundings dirty. To avoid pouring out boiling milk, try to put a spoon with long handle into the sauce pan as it heats. The idea behind this is based on the phenomena that the spoon acts to break the surface tension. This allows the steam underneath to escape smoothly without eruption.

Avoiding tears while cutting onions - useful kitchen tip

Peel onion cover and put in a bowl of water before chopping. This will reduce fumes causing tears in eyes. You can also apply lime juice to knife before chopping onions. As acid reacts with chemical compounds of onions, less gas will be released.


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