Sushant Singh Rajput’s Dad’s Lawyer has a Proof of Rhea Abetting Sushant’s SuicideBollywood News

July 30, 2020 18:41
Sushant Singh Rajput’s Dad’s Lawyer has a Proof of Rhea Abetting Sushant’s Suicide

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Sushant’s Father’s Lawyer Vikas Singh spoke to The Quint about the FIR filed by the late actor’s father and reveals shocking details.

An FIR was filed against Rhea Chakraborty after Sushant’s father K K Singh filed a complaint to Bihar Police. She has been accused of abetting the suicide of the late actor.

K K Singh’s lawyer, Vikas Singh has been handling the case from the family’s side and recently 4 Bihar Police were sent to Mumbai to investigate the case.

Meanwhile, Vikas Singh spoke to the Quint on Wedneday and spoke about the events that happened after Rhea left Sushant’s house.

Here are some of the questions pointed out by the Quint team and answered by lawyer Vikas Singh.

Why did it take 40 days for K K Singh to file the case?

Reportedly, Sushant’s father approached Vikas Singh a week ago to help him file a case against Rhea. Vikas Singh says that K K Singh was in mourning for 40 days, as per a ritual that is held in Bihar. In these 40 days, Sushant’s father was observing how Mumbai Police is handling the case.

Vikas Singh said that as there was no FIR registered in Mumbai they should get it registered in Patna. He accused Rhea Chakraborty by saying that she and Mumbai Police are in tandem.

While Rhea herself requested Amit Shah for CBI probe and Mumbai Police too are giving a clean shit to her, it seems like it is all part of a plan.

The offence of abetment to suicide doesn’t happen in a day or two. It happens after someone controls the mind of a person who will ultimately decide to end his life.

Vikas also added that Rhea had completely cut the talks between Sushant and his father. She used to make him not answer the calls of his father as he could counsel him.

Whenever Sushant tried to talk using his bodyguard’s mobile, she made sure that the phone did not reach Sushant.

She then slowly declared Sushant as mentally unstable and took him to all kinds of doctors and over-drugged him. She also removed Sushant’s servants and body guards from his house.

Why didn’t Mr. K K Singh approach Mumbai Police if they felt that the investigation was not going properly?

While answering this question, Vikas Singh said that the family had lost faith in Mumbai Police and didn’t have a hope that they would do an impartial investigation.

Even if they had approached, Mumbai Police would have closed the case saying that they had already interrogated Rhea and she was madly in love with Sushant.

What is the proof you have to claim it is an abetment to Suicide?

Vikas Singh replied that the proof of abetment will be submitted in the appropriate platform during the trial. But, he said that what rhea did was over a period of time.

She was the only one looking after his medical issues and knows details about the treatment. On June 8th, she left Sushant alone and took all his medical reports with her. He then called his sister who stays in Mumbai. She stayed with him for 4 days and left the house on June 12 as she has small kids to take care of. Two days later, Sushant dies.

She neither called his family members to take care of him as she is leaving nor called his sisters.

What is your take on Bollywood Mafia?

Alleging Bollywood mafia to be the only reason for his suicide is wrong. The Mumbai Police were investigating this angle itself. That is the reason why the FIR was filed in Patna.

Though there is nepotism that might have took a toll on his mental health, it is not the sole reason for his death, according to Vikas Singh.

He says this might have contributed but this is not the only reason for his death.

By Gayatri Yellayi

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