4 foods to stay more healthyDiet & Fitness

April 11, 2016 17:24
4 foods to stay more healthy

Adding the below foods, to your regular diet, makes you even more healthy. Here are four such important foods, one cannot afford to miss, if concerned about health.

Almonds contains all the essential nutrients - iron, calcium, riboflavin, protein, magnesium and are so good for health.
Consuming handful of almonds a day provides vitamin E  for human body, to stay healthy. Eating almonds reduces cancer risk and heart diseases, by reducing the cholesterol levels.
Leafy vegetable spinach is loaded with tons of nutrients - vitamins A,C,E,K, proteins, fiber, folate, magnesium etc. It  is good for health, as it has low fat and also reduces cholesterol levels. Spinach is mainly important for the hair growth. It also improves bone health.
SpinachWheat germ:
As the name indicates, Wheat germ consists of enough nutrients to keep human body healthy. The presence of  excellent source of vitamins - thiamin, fiber, folate, phosphorous, potassium, boosts your immune system and provides stamina.
Beans are packed with nutritional bowl of nutrients - iron, pottasium, protein, fiber, B vitamins. They are low in fat and fights with cancer. Beans supports in losing weight, prevents heart disease and is even good for diabetes.

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