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August 11, 2020 18:15
Mumbai to roll out voice based COVID-19 testing

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Your smartphones can now detect COVID-19 in 30 seconds by voice based testing. Here are the details

How does the smart phone based test work in India? What is the science behind it? Where will the voice sample tests be available in Mumbai? Read below to know the answers.

In what comes as a development in technology, our smartphones will also be capable to detect the coronavirus present in the body. If successful, this project will be of a huge help to India.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is all set to launch the technological pilot project that will enable the users to record their voice samples in their respective mobile phones and take a COVID-19 test in 30 seconds.

This voice based testing system has already achieved success in the European countries and now the technology is all set to arrive at India's financial capital, Mumbai.

How does the smartphone COVID-19 test work?

To start with, the patient will have to record their voice on their smartphone where a voice analysis app needs to be installed.

With the help of internet servers, the app would then match the voice of the patient with the voices of millions of people who have tested negative for COVID-19 whose samples are already preloaded in the app.

The result of this test will appear in just 30 seconds.

In order to achieve accurate results, the app uses the Artificial intelligence (AI). According to the latest developments in data science, the human voice contains 6300 parameters. Based on these parameters, the AI will test the voice samples of the concerned coronavirus patient.

What is the science behind the smartphone based COVID-19 testing?

According to researchers and scientists, the human lungs whenever are affected by a disease, the voices are the first to get affected.

Even if the change is not clear to human ears to the aural limitations, a computer can easily work on the 6300 parameters of human voice and decode any change in it.

As the coronavirus affects the lungs primarily, this voice based coronavirus test will be effective in testing the patients.

Where will the smartphone COVID-19 test be available?

The technological smartphone based COVID-19 testing project will be launched with 1000 voice samples from the Mesco COVID-19 facility in Mumbai by the BMC.

The AI in the app will sample the 1000 voices and if proven successful, the 30 seconds test will also be made available in hospitals and even road side testing facilities for the general population.

Initially, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation will also conduct the RT-PCR test along with smartphone based voice testing in order to check the efficiency of the new AI based COVID-19 test.

By Gayatri Yellayi

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