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  • Coronavirus spread in India, Post lockdown, chances of coronavirus spread to increase in india in mid july post present lockdown release, Mumbai

    Chances of Coronavirus Spread To Increase In India In Mid-July Post Present Lockdown Release 2020-05-21 15:43:22

    If India is freed from present lockdown, the COVID-19 cases will keep increasing by Mid-July- said by an epidemiologist.Currently, India is at a lower rate in terms of coronavirus death cases compared to other countries in the world. But if...

    Keywords: Coronavirus spread in India, COVID-19 case in Mid-July, Post lockdown, Coronavirus spread in India

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    Guidelines for coronavirus, Guidelines for coronavirus, nearly 45 000 bookings for special trains that worth rs 16 crores, Mumbai

    Nearly 45,000 Bookings For Special Trains That Worth Rs 16 Crores 2020-05-12 09:57:45

    The bookings for special trains crossed over 45,000 and the worth is around Rs 16 crores. Over 80,000 passengers are ready to travel in booked special trains.The first train is scheduled to start from The New Delhi station for Bilaspur...

    Keywords: Railway bookings, Guidelines for coronavirus, Guidelines for coronavirus, Guidelines for coronavirus

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    PM Modi To Nation, Lockdown 5.0, pm modi will address the nation on 31st may may announce lockdown 5 0, Mumbai

    PM Modi Will Address The Nation On 31st May- May Announce Lockdown 5.0 2020-05-27 13:22:24

    Minister Modi will address the nation on 31st after the lockdown 4.0 ends. He may announce the lockdown 5.0 of the next phase to fight coronavirus.PM Modi will come and give information on the next lockdown phase through his monthly...

    Keywords: Lockdown 5.0, PM Modi To Nation, PM Modi To Nation, PM Modi Talks

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    middle-class would be affected, rural areas, children might be forced to work after covid 19 as demand for cheap labour increases, Mumbai

    Children Might Be Forced to Work After COVID-19 As Demand For Cheap Labour Increases 2020-05-29 08:40:11

    Due to COVID-19 crisis all the migrant workers are the most affected. According to academics, the worst is yet to come. Since migrant laborers have gone back home, the middle-class people would face a difficulty as they will need to...

    Keywords: Cheap Labour, COVID-19, COVID-19, Migrant Workers

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    screening at station, passengers have to wear masks, indian railways update passenger trains to start operating from tuesday, Mumbai

    Indian Railways Update: Passenger Trains To Start Operating From Tuesday 2020-05-11 05:28:00

    With the stringent COVID-19 lockdown, trains were not operating. Now, the Indian Railways will start operating passenger trains from 12th May. The Railway Ministry said, they will begin with operating 15 trains. These special trains will move from New Delhi...

    Keywords: screening at station, COVID-19 care centers, Indian Railways, screening at station

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    sonu sood, sonu sood, plight of migrant workers baby shakes to wake up deceased mother, Mumbai

    Plight of Migrant Workers – Baby shakes to wake up deceased mother 2020-05-28 06:54:01

    While majority of the privileged people have been okay to tide their lives through the lockdown that has been happening since March 25, it is the migrant workers who have been the worst hit because of the same. Amidst the...

    Keywords: vikas khanna, lockdown, sonu sood, covid-19

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