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May 08, 2020 19:48
India Could Have Been Better Prepared With COVID-19

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As it is, the economy was badly affected by people losing their jobs. COVID-19 came up at the most unfortunate time and turned everything upside down. Having said, the BJP could have handled this better.

Needless to say, poor sections of society are most troubled and affected. Our country was not ready for this and even the doctors, nurses, health workers, and police personnel are burdened with the pandemic.

Had the Government been better prepared and taken action in time, situations would have been different. Although the other countries are most affected by the virus when compared to the people in India. Indians are facing most of the damages and miseries.

When China reported its first COVID case, India should have been alert and worked on it. Since February, they received warning signals.

When Rahul Gandhi had noted it as a sign of caution, the Government denied it as an attempt to create panic. Moreover, the Government didn’t think about migrant workers when they called for the lockdown. This wasn’t even discussed with the other State Governments and stringent measures were taken.

Even when demonetization and GST implementation happened, no one was prepared. The first COVID case in India was reported on January 30. India was preoccupied with the February 24 Namaste Trump show in Ahmedabad.

On March 22nd the Janta curfew was declared and the next day

BJP’s Shivraj Singh Chouhan was sworn in as chief minister. This impacted Madhya Pradesh as it is experiencing many deaths, especially in Indore.

After Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Delhi in terms of the death toll and overall cases. Madhya Pradesh is the 4th affected State.

Things didn’t come to an end here, the BJP leaders and certain sections of the media made these increased corona cases about the community by following the Tablighi Jamaat congregation in Delhi.

Later on, it came to a situation of confusion where people have started running about because of unclear instructions from the Central and State governments.

Jobs, the economy, and the health industries are all affected. What’s done is done. Before lifting the lockdown, the Government Now, the needs to take shareholders in confidence. Everything needs to be well-planned and stabilized.

A fair compensation needs to be given to farmers, workers in small shops, small industries, and daily wagers for survival.

If India was prepared to take measures after China reported COVID death cases, the country would have been in a better plight than what it is now.

By Neha Makhija

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