“Worst is over,” says New York Governor Andrew CuomoTop Stories

April 14, 2020 13:01
“Worst is over,” says New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

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While the world has been wondering about the fate of the United States and the kind of impacts it has been witnessing, the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo believes that the worst in the country has already tide over.

A top U.S health official reported that the country has already experienced its peak this week. Additionally, as the condition in the U.S start to stabilise around, the political leaders have been in the talks to reopen the economy.

Addressing these, the Trump administration is hopeful that May 01 could be the potential date when the restrictions might be eased into.

In an addressed briefing, Andrew Cuomo stated saying, “We can control the spread: Feel good about that. The worst is over, if we continue to be smart going forward. We have a hand on the valve, if we turn the valve, you’ll go right back.”

The third largest populous country in the world, United States has the maximum confirmed cases and maximum death reports of Covid-19 till date.

New York state itself has reported deaths of over 10,000 people. The latest reports suggest that U.S experienced around 1,513 deaths in total on Sunday, which is the least that they experienced till date since April 06.

The official statistics, which don’t include the deaths outside of the hospital are still understated and not clear at the moment. The health experts have reported saying that it is likely that the official statistics are not that different than what the population might be thinking around.

Cuomo, along with the governors from the remaining states in the U.S are likely going to discuss and come up with a plan of action surrounding the reopening of the country. Cuomo said that coordination with all the remaining governors is key.

The reopening is quite a delicate process and something that no one has prior experience of. This is one of the reasons why everything needs to be sought out and very carefully calibrated to ensure that the same doesn’t end up causing a complete chaos.

There has been some disputes among President Donald and the state governors ever since the coronavirus outbreak started.

Trump took to twitter to state, “A decision by me, in conjunction with the governors and input from others, will be made shortly!”

Majority of the legal experts in the United States have mentioned that the President does possess minimal and limited power in forcing people back to their place of employment or even when it comes to reopening of the businesses and the local restaurants around.

New York city, which reported the maximum number of cases in the United States reported a stable situation on the basis of three different factors. According to Mayor Bill de Blasio, these three prospects include “the daily number of people admitted to hospitals, the number of people in intensive care units, and the percentage of positive tests for the virus.”

Blasio further stated saying, “I’m pleased to report we do see all the indicators moving in the right direction, moving downward together.”

In order to ease the restrictions on the country, they have prepared for more funding to ensure more aggressive testing to be done in the country.

U.S currently has over 580,000 confirmed cases with over 23,000 reported deaths. Globally, over 1.9 million people have been infected with the novel coronavirus and the disease has claimed over 119,000 deaths.

By Somapika Dutta

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