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  • Joe Biden updates, Joe Biden updates, joe biden to come to india tomorrow, Coronavirus

    Joe Biden To Come To India Tomorrow 2023-09-07 17:37:30

    The president of the United States of America Joe Biden is arriving in Delhi tomorrow for the G20 summit, which will be held from 9 th of September and 10th of September. Joe Biden's wife, Jill Biden was infected with...

    Keywords: G20 Leader Summit session 2 : 'One Family', Joe Biden news, Joe Biden updates, USA president Joe Biden India visit

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    Sai Tej, Virupaksha on day one, virupaksha first day collections, Coronavirus

    Virupaksha First Day Collections 2023-04-22 14:07:16

    Supreme Star Sai Tej is back after a long break. The actor suffered a major accident and was down for months. The coronavirus pandemic too delayed his recent film Virupaksha. The film finally released on Friday and the response for...

    Keywords: Virupaksha on day one, Virupaksha news, Virupaksha, Karthik Varma Dandu

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    India Coronavirus, India, india records fresh covid cases, Coronavirus

    India Records Fresh COVID Cases 2023-07-17 08:18:22

    The pandemic is still creating panic in the country. Almost everyone in the country got infected with coronavirus once or twice and a few even thrice, yet COVID-19 is getting mutated and infecting people by changing its mutation. The latest...

    Keywords: India Covid-19 cases, India Covid-19 cases, India Covid-19 July 2023, India

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    Batwoman aka Shi Zhengli, COVID19 updates, another outbreak of covid 19, Coronavirus

    Another Outbreak of COVID-19? 2023-09-26 09:15:53

    China’s best virologist, mostly known as Batwoman aka Shi Zhengli warns of another breakdown of coronavirus. She said that the world must get ready for one more COVID-19-like disease. She says that there is a high chance of an outbreak...

    Keywords: COVID19 updates, Emerging Microbes & Infections, Batwoman aka Shi Zhengli, Outbreak of COVID-19

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    India coronavirus latest, India coronavirus breaking, india witnesses a sharp rise in the new covid 19 cases, Coronavirus

    India witnesses a sharp rise in the new Covid-19 cases 2023-12-23 10:35:19

    In the latest update from the Union Health Ministry, India's active Covid-19 cases have surpassed 3,000, reaching a total of 3,420. Over the past 24 hours, four deaths have been reported. This follows Friday's figures of 640 new infections and...

    Keywords: India coronavirus 2023, India coronavirus 2023, Coronavirus India, India coronavirus

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    Covid-19 India, India, india reports 602 new covid 19 cases and 5 deaths, Coronavirus

    India reports 602 new Covid-19 cases and 5 Deaths 2024-01-03 10:03:34

    Over the past month, there has been a steady increase in COVID-19 cases in India, particularly in Kerala. In response to the emergence of the Omicron sub-variant JN.1, both state and central governments have implemented measures to contain its spread....

    Keywords: Covid-19 India reports, Covid-19 India breaking, Covid-19 India new update, Covid-19 India

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