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  • Travel Week Europe, Brand USA, brand usa planning for an india travel week in 2020, United states

    Brand USA Planning For An ‘India Travel Week’ In 2020 2019-10-14 05:57:56

    Brand USA, which is the popular tourism promotion agency of the United States, is working to shift along its strategy to tune well with the existing and ever changing market dynamics. They are doing so to maintain proper growth momentum...

    Keywords: Tourism, Travel Week Europe, Brand USA, Travel Week Europe

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    H-1B VISA, PM Narendra Modi, indian professionals can apply for us work visa 90 days prior to employment, United states

    Indian Professionals Can Apply For US Work VISA 90 Days Prior To Employment 2019-10-12 05:31:11

    Acquiring US Work VISA has been a problem for many, especially making it hard for them to manage through. With the building relationship between PM Narendra Modi and President Trump, things are changing and evolving with time. According to the...

    Keywords: President Trump, PM Narendra Modi, VISA, VISA

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    Indian travelers, travel, indian travelers spent a total of 15 8 billion in sales while travelling to us, United states

    Indian Travelers Spent A Total Of 15.8 Billion In Sales While Travelling To US 2019-10-10 06:00:22

    Travel VISAs have been on the rise for the United States and the same is being reflected on the kind of sales that the country has been experiencing. If you had the notion that Indians went to just explore around,...

    Keywords: President Trump, PM Narendra Modi, President Trump, US

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    trade disputes, India-US trade, only few disagreements piyush goyal says about trade disputes with us, United states

    Only Few Disagreements, Piyush Goyal Says About Trade Disputes With US 2019-10-16 05:15:57

    With the ongoing discussions about the possible trade disputes around, Piyush Goyal said that there aren’t any major conflicts and just a few disagreements. In an issued statement on 15th October, 2019, Tuesday, the Commerce minister clarified stating that both...

    Keywords: Piyush Goyal, Goyal, trade disputes, Piyush Goyal

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    Kenneth Juster, Kenneth Juster, rise of china imposes hurdles to india and indo pacific regions us ambassador suggests, United states

    Rise Of China Imposes Hurdles To India And Indo-Pacific Regions, US Ambassador Suggests 2019-10-15 04:58:23

    China has been on a rapid growth, in terms of economy and other prospects of development over the course of time. The rise of China is believed to impose challenges for India and the Indo-Pacific regions. This was mentioned by...

    Keywords: Indo-Pacific regions, Kenneth Juster, Rise of china, Indo-Pacific regions

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    Masters World Cup, weightlifters, indian weightlifters sustained injuries in an accident in us, United states

    Indian Weightlifters Sustained Injuries In An Accident In US 2019-10-12 09:22:57

    While India was bursting with pride over the wins that the Indian weightlifters acquired in the Masters World Cup held in San Diego, winning gold and two silver, the same took a turn for the worse pretty soon. The sportsmen...

    Keywords: weightlifters, accident, weightlifters, accident

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