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  • US, coronavirus, india overtakes brazil now 2nd worst hit country by covid 19 after us, United states

    India overtakes Brazil, now 2nd Worst-hit country by COVID-19 after US 2020-09-07 05:42:31

    India has more than 41 lakh confirmed COVID-19 cases of which more than 8.62 lakh cases were active as on today.India has now emerged as the country with the second largest number of people being infected with the novel coronavirus...

    Keywords: Brazil, India, India, COVID-19

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    Brazil, India, how did brazil flatten the covid 19 curve before india, United states

    How did Brazil flatten the COVID-19 curve before India? 2020-09-08 15:49:38

    India has transcended Brazil to become the second worst-hit country by the coronavirus in the whole world and is now nearing the count of the US. During the weekend and from a few days ago in the week, India has...

    Keywords: India, lockdown, coronavirus, lockdown

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    employees, Apple, apple designs face masks with unique look for its employees, United states

    Apple designs face masks with unique look for its employees 2020-09-10 13:39:53

    Apple's engineering teams have designed unique face masks for retail employees with large nose and chin coverage. As if we are not enough with the iPod, iPad, iPhone, MAC book, Apple has now come up with the face mask exclusive...

    Keywords: unique, employees, unique, Apple

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    American Indians, pandemic, minority children at higher risk of death due to covid 19 cdc, United states

    Minority children at higher risk of death due to COVID-19: CDC 2020-09-18 10:47:25

    CDC USA says that children of minority communities are at higher risk of death due to COVID-19 especially the ones with underlying conditions. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Monday issued its weekly mortality and morbidity report which...

    Keywords: CDC, CDC, pandemic, American Indians

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    Sadhguru, journey, sadhguru kicks off a 6000 mile road journey to explore history and culture, United states

    Sadhguru kicks off a 6000-mile Road journey to explore history and culture 2020-09-17 07:01:53

    A mystic journey for a deeper understanding of life and internal, external landscapes of the US has been embarked on by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.Does the land have an influence on people? The living planet is the source of influence on...

    Keywords: Tennessee, US, Tennessee, US

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    launch, Apple, what can you expect at tuesday s apple event, United states

    What can you expect at Tuesday's Apple event? 2020-09-14 13:53:30

    Apple generally launches its new line of iPhones in September every year but this year it’s something else. Apple has recently concluded its World Developers Conference during which it has launched an iOS update during the coronavirus pandemic. This will...

    Keywords: iPad, iPad, iPad, launch

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