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August 12, 2013 15:08
Giving your Sex Life a Boost

More often than not, whenever we talk about improving our sex life, we automatically think there’s a potion to take care of it. While it is quite true that to maintain a healthy sex life we must ensure we eat a balanced diet and are fairly physically fit. This makes sense because if we don’t have good nutrition on a daily basis we won’t have the energy to perform sexually, let alone feel sexy. There’s no doubt that being fit does benefit sexual performance. After all, we want to be out of breath for all the right reasons and not because we can’t keep up.

There is a belief that the most important sex organ is the brain. Any sexologist or sex therapist will confirm your sexual performance is directly linked to your state of mind. When the professionals refer to your state of mind they mean your self esteem. If you believe you are sexy you will feel sexy and you will act sexy.

The reality is that even the most confident woman is going to experience times of self doubt. This may be due to physical changes like putting on weight or hormonal fluctuations. When these problems arise it is common for a woman’s libido to drop. If you experience a change in your libido it is sensible to see your doctor for a medical checkup. This will pick up any physiological problems such as a hormonal change.

If you are putting on weight then increase your physical exercise e.g. a brisk thirty minute walk every day. Even better, if you have the extra cash make use of a personal trainer and get a bespoke eating and exercise plan according to your special needs. This is a foolproof way to lower your weight by eating healthily and increase your energy level with appropriate exercise.

Once you are taking care of your health and fitness needs you can start working on your brain or mind. Start the process by telling yourself you are a sexual being and deserving of a healthy sex life. Kick start your self esteem by going for a full body massage. Another important means of making yourself feel good is having your hair colored and styled. Don’t forget a manicure and pedicure. It is also very beneficial to have an all over spray tan. These are all small treatments that leave you instantly looking younger and healthier.

A final and well deserved treat should be a visit to a specialist lingerie store. Get some professional advice on how to look your best in specific undergarments. Countless women testify to feeling sexy when they wear attractive and alluring underwear. If you look good, you will feel confident. However, when your man sees you and finds you irresistible your sexuality will get the boost it needs. Pamper yourself regularly and you will always feel and be desired – and don’t forget those killer heels.

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