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March 19, 2022 17:50
Here are Some Tips for a Healthy Heart

Heart attacks are quite common these days and there is no age limit for heart attack. Crores of people have passed away due to heart attacks post Covid. Most of them are on alert after the shocking heart attack news from the dear ones. Heart diseases can be prevented through a healthy life style and your daily choices. Taking care of the heart is the need of the hour and there are several ways to keep your heart healthy. Here are some of the tips for a healthy heart that are recommended by the American Heart Association:

Physical activity is quite essential for the body. It is recommended to have 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise. You can walk, run, swim, play every week and spend the recommended time. All the foods that contain unhealthy fats should be avoided. Avoid fast foods. Prefer taking good fats from nuts, vegetables, seeds and fish. Avoid fried foods completely.

Watching television, working on your computer and other things for a longer time is not good for health. They increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.Give yourself free time and take frequent breaks to stretch your legs. Take one minute break for every one hour. Avoid smoking completely and it can build fatty substances in the arteries. Excess weight is also an enemy for the heart. Overweight puts pressure on your arterial walls and it can lead to hypertension and heart attacks.

Avoid overeating to keep your heart healthy. Excessive eating can lead to unhealthy weight gain. Enough sleep is also an important factor for the heart's health. Deep sleep allows the body to relax well and it lowers the blood pressure and heart rate. Eight hours of sleep can keep your heart healthy. Eat cholestrol-friendly food and prevent saturated fats. Take sweet potatoes, soluble fiber, beans, berries, broccoli, carrots and plums. Listen to music to control the stress. Music can lower the blood pressure and improve the health of the heart. The bacteria in the teeth can lead to gum disease and increase the risk of heart attacks.

By Siva Kumar

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