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  • US, coronavirus, us starts repatriation of stranded nationals from india, Us department of state

    US starts repatriation of stranded nationals from India 2020-04-02 12:10:52

    Following the sudden upside down that the entire world is experiencing because of the virus, United States administration has decided to begin the process of repatriation of their nationals back to their country from India. India being on a 21-days...

    Keywords: coronavirus, Ian Brownlee, repatriation, United States

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    Order, Separated Parents, leave u s with kids or without them says new order for separated parents, Us department of state

    Leave U.S. With Kids or Without Them, Says New Order for Separated Parents 2018-07-04 10:17:58

    The United States President Donald Trump's administration has instructed immigration agents to give parents, who are separated from their kids under "zero tolerance" policy two options: leave the country with your kids or leave the country without them, following a...

    Keywords: U.S., Order, Separated Parents, U.S.

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    Indian government, United States, us announces 2 9 million aid to india for fighting coronavirus, Us department of state

    US announces $2.9 million aid to India for fighting coronavirus 2020-03-28 06:31:02

    With the world suffering from a pandemic and a constant crisis because of coronavirus, US has announced $174 million financial assistance to 64 countries, out of which they are going to provide $2.9 million to the Indian government to help...

    Keywords: aid, aid, United States, Indian government

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    Hamza bin Laden location, son of osama bin laden, u s offers usd 1 million reward to find osama bin laden s son, Us department of state

    U.S. Offers USD 1 Million Reward to Find Osama Bin Laden’s Son 2019-03-01 06:15:56

    The United States on Thursday offered a reward of USD 1 million for information on a son of late Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, founder of the pan-Islamic militant organization al-Qaeda, seeing him as an emerging face of extremism. The...

    Keywords: Osama bin Laden sons, son of osama bin laden, Hamza bin Laden, bin laden

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    Trump administration, Unites States, trump administration to send immigrants back to honduras, Us department of state

    Trump Administration to Send Immigrants Back to Honduras 2018-05-05 06:39:02

    The Trump administration on Friday announced its decision on ending protections for the immigrants lived in the United States for about two decades after the hurricane that despoiled their country. The Department of Homeland Security proclaimed it was ending the...

    Keywords: Back home, Trump administration, Trump administration, Back home

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    Coronavirus, covid-19, odisha to set up largest 1000 bed hospital for covid 19 outbreak, Us department of state

    Odisha to set up largest 1000 bed hospital for Covid-19 outbreak 2020-03-28 10:20:40

    With the rapid spread of the coronavirus pandemic, people from across the world are gearing up to meet the demands and ensure to buy maximum time for the healthcare workers. The Odisha government announced that they are going to build...

    Keywords: covid-19, covid-19, Odisha, Odisha

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