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  • Indian general election results, non resident Indians, this is how desis abroad kept close tab on indian general election results, Lok sabha election results

    This is How Desis Abroad kept Close Tab on Indian General Election Results 2019-05-24 12:39:28

    Entire India on Thursday was tied up to television sets and phones with the Lok Sabha election results being declared. But, what caught attention is Indians abroad having the very excitement and curiosity. Indians living outside the country - in...

    Keywords: Indian general elections, desis abroad, lok sabha election results 2019, Lok sabha elections

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    Lok sabha election results, sunny leone trending, lok sabha election result sunny leone is trending on twitter and the reason will make you go rofl, Lok sabha election results

    Lok Sabha Election Result: Sunny Leone Is Trending on Twitter and the Reason Will Make You Go ROFL! 2019-05-23 06:54:21

    On the day when the whole of India is waiting to find out who would win the world’s largest democratic election, former adult star Sunny Leone is seen trending on Twitter and the reason is funny enough. It all happened...

    Keywords: sunny leone, sunny leone, sunny leone trending, lok sabha election reuslts 2019

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    pm modi, Ramesh Noone, an ardent follower of pm modi in minneapolis booked entire movie hall to screen lok sabha election results, Lok sabha election results

    An Ardent Follower of PM Modi in Minneapolis Booked Entire Movie Hall to Screen Lok Sabha Election Results 2019-05-23 09:58:14

    Indians across the world are hooked up to their mobiles or television sets watching the Lok Sabha election results. An Indian residing in the United States went a long way to follow election result updates. An ardent supporter of Prime...

    Keywords: Ramesh Noone, pm modi, election results in US, pm modi

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    congress, congress, in andhra pradesh nota category gets highest votes than congress and bjp, Lok sabha election results

    In Andhra Pradesh, NOTA Category Gets Highest Votes Than Congress and BJP 2019-05-25 11:30:38

    Days after Andhra Pradesh assembly and Lok Sabha election results were declared, numbers show that NOTA or ‘None of the above’ category got more votes than the two national parties Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party in both the Lok Sabha...

    Keywords: andhra pradesh, andhra pradesh, congress, congress

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    narendra modi win, Lok sabha election result, elections in india an inspiration around the world united states, Lok sabha election results

    Elections in India an Inspiration Around the World: United States 2019-05-24 04:35:51

    Hours after the declaration of Lok Sabha election results, congratulatory messages poured in for Narendra Modi on his landslide victory. Congratulating PM Modi on his re-election, the United States has said that the just-concluded elections in India, the largest democratic...

    Keywords: Indian elections, narendra modi, upcoming elections in india 2018, lok sabha elections

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    amethi, lok sabha elections, amethi congress president yogendra misra resigns, Lok sabha election results

    Amethi Congress President Yogendra Misra Resigns 2019-05-24 12:31:27

    Yogendra Misra, the district President of the Indian National Congress in Amethi in Uttar Pradesh, has sent his resignation to party President Rahul Gandhi, owning moral responsibility for Gandhi's defeat. Misra, in a letter, said that it was his responsibility to ensure the Congress victory in...

    Keywords: yogender misra, lok sabha elections, lok sabha election results, yogender misra from amethi

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