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  • Capgemini, Reshuffle, capgemini top deck reshuffle impacts indian origin executives, Business service

    Capgemini Top Deck Reshuffle Impacts Indian-origin Executives 2018-06-13 06:36:00

    Capgemini has through with a top-deck reshuffle that has impacted some Indian-origin executives.Capgemini, a French multinational company is headquartered in Paris, France and serves worldwide.Aruna Jayanthi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of business services, will be the head of the Asia...

    Keywords: Top Deck Reshuffle, Top Deck Reshuffle, Indian-origin Executives, Indian-origin

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    Mayor of London’s IE20 Business Programme, IE20 Business Programme finalists, twenty indian companies selected for mayor of london s ie20 business programme, Business service

    Twenty Indian Companies Selected for Mayor of London’s IE20 Business Programme 2018-05-18 10:58:12

    London:Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has recognized twenty of India’s fastest growing companies with a prestigious award to join the Mayor’s India Emerging 20 (IE20) business programme.The companies were selected from regions across India and represent some of country’s most...

    Keywords: Mayor of London, Indian Companies, Indian Companies, Indian Companies

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    Pennsylvania news, Best Employers in Pennsylvania, 31 pennsylvania employers among top 500 in united states, Business service

    31 Pennsylvania employers among Top-500 in United States 2017-05-12 09:21:49

    According to a recent report, Forbes has identified 500 best employers in the United States and 31 of those employers are in Pennsylvania. The two top companies that topped the Pennsylvania list, employees thousands of people in the state. Penn...

    Keywords: Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania news, Best Employers in Pennsylvania

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    salaries of H1B Visa employees, salaries of H1B Visa employees, indian american it company cloudwick technologies charged on h1b violations, Business service

    Indian American IT Company, Cloudwick Technologies Charged on H1B Violations 2018-05-03 11:54:42

    Washington: A Company Owned by Indian American have been evidently found violating H1 B VISA regulation, the company was identified as Cloudwick Technologies, located in California.The company officials were charged with fine of USD 173,044 in wages to twelve of...

    Keywords: salaries of H1B Visa employees, salaries of H1B Visa employees, H1B Violation by Indian companies, salaries of H1B Visa employees

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    000 Jobs, New Jersey Lost 13, new jersey lost13 000 jobs in the month of may, Business service

    New Jersey Lost13,000 Jobs In The Month Of May 2017-06-16 14:10:46

    New Jersey lost 13,000 jobs as the employers cut 14,000 private-sector jobs in the month of May, the unemployment rate was held constant at 4.1 percent. According to the report from state Department of Labor and Workforce Development, a loss of...

    Keywords: New Jersey news, New Jersey news, New Jersey Lost 13, New Jersey Lost 13

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    Ohio Unemployment Rate, Ohio Unemployment Rate In May Drop To 4.9 Percent, ohio unemployment rate in may drop to 4 9 percent, Business service

    Ohio Unemployment Rate In May Drop To 4.9 Percent 2017-06-17 12:32:29

    Ohio unemployment rate in May has been dropped to 4.9 percent, which was 5 percent in the month of April. Ohio’s non-agricultural wage and salary employment has increased 6,300 over a month, from a revised 5,509,100 April to 5,515,400 in...

    Keywords: Ohio Unemployment Rate Dropped, Ohio Unemployment Rate In May, Unemployment Rate In Ohio Dropped, Ohio Unemployment Rate

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