A Mountain moved to rescue 41 people in UttarakhandTop Stories

November 29, 2023 11:38
A Mountain moved to rescue 41 people in Uttarakhand

(Image source from: Twitter.com/ANI)

The task was a true feat, akin to moving a mountain. At approximately 8 pm on Tuesday, a collective sense of relief washed over the nation. After more than 400 hours of tireless effort, rescuers successfully reached the 41 workers who had been trapped in the Uttarkashi tunnel since November 12.

This operation tested the resolve, determination, and perseverance of all involved, as they encountered numerous obstacles along the way. During the final phase over the weekend, the drilling machine malfunctioned. However, it was a group of 14 courageous "rat-hole miners" who ultimately dug through the remaining 12 meters to reach the trapped men.

As the first worker was safely brought out and transported to a nearby medical center in an ambulance, the remaining 40 workers followed suit in rapid succession. The headlights of the ambulance illuminated the darkness, revealing smiles of relief on the faces of all present. These 41 individuals were migrant workers hailing from eight different states: Jharkhand (15 workers), Uttar Pradesh (8 workers), Odisha and Bihar (5 workers each), West Bengal (3 workers), Uttarakhand and Assam (2 workers each), and Himachal Pradesh (1 worker).

As the sun rose on November 12, tragedy struck as the tunnel collapsed, trapping several workers inside. This devastating event sparked a series of rescue operations that fluctuated between despair and hope, leaving everyone on edge. However, a glimmer of optimism emerged on Tuesday when Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami took to social media to share a ray of hope. In his post, he expressed gratitude to Baba Baukh Nag ji for his blessings, the prayers of millions of people, and the unwavering dedication of the rescue teams. He announced that the crucial task of laying pipes in the tunnel had been successfully completed, bringing the workers one step closer to freedom.

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