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July 08, 2020 14:42
Many Private Hospitals not providing Insurance Cover for COVID-19 Treatment: Patients

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Private hospitals are rejecting the cashless claims by Insurance providers saying their hands are tied in this matter.

Coronavirus patients across India are recently facing one more problem apart from the ruthless treatment services. Many patients are facing a problem with the health insurance claim for the treatment of COVID-19.

Many of cashless claims by the patients are not being honored by hospitals and the patients had to frantically gather huge amounts to get their treatment done.

One such case is seen at Ahmadabad a father and son duo had caught COVID-19 and was facing respiratory problems for which they need hospitalization. The son had travaled to many hospitals in the capital city but none of the authorities have entertained cashless claims provided by the insurers.

The hospital authorities have said to the son that they would not accept cashless claims for COVID-19 patients and asked the son to deposit 1 lakh immediately if he wants his father to get admitted in the hospital.

The son, Salot has soon discovered that if hospital authorities are not accepting the cashless claims there’s nothing that Insurance providers could do to solve the situations. Though the Insurance providers have tagged themselves to almost all private hospitals in the city, it is ultimately the hospital’s decision to use or not use the facility.

Salot had searched many private hospitals for 2 days if they would accept health insurance but all his efforts went in vain and he had to borrow money from his friends and relatives.

A similar unpleasant situation was faced by Surat based Tejas, 34, when two of his family members tested positive for the virus. He had called 12 private hospitals for admission with cashless claim but of no use. He finally had to admit them to government hospital.

Responding to these plights by patients, Ahmadabad hospital authorities have said that their hands and tied and the insurers also had not revised agreement rates for the past five years and the old rates would be untenable. If insurers do settle their claims on time, all the hospitals would be very happy to provide cashless treatments.

Meanwhile, the Insurers have said that the denials of cashless treatment are not wide spread and the insurers cannot decide if the hospitals deny insurance.

By Gayatri Yellayi

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