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May 26, 2020 19:04
Oxford University’s vaccine trial has 50% chances of success

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Amidst all the vaccine trials that are being conducted all across the world for Covid-19, the one that majority of the people have been looking forward to is the Oxford University trial.

The team that has been in charge for the development of the vaccine reported that the decline in the infection rate is likely going to make the development of the vaccine a lot more difficult to prove whether it is successful or not.

Professor Adrian Hill, director of the university's Jenner Institute reported that it is a constant race against the virus disappearing and against the time.

Hill said earlier in the year that there is a 80% chance of being able to develop a successful vaccine by September. But, according to the reports now, there rate is at 50% that the world might not have a vaccine at all.

As per the assumptions from Hill, he believes that out of the 10,000 participants, he believes that only 50 of them are likely going to contract the virus in the coming days. If less than 20 people test positive for the virus, the results will be of no use anymore.

Globally, the drug and vaccine developers are working on developing over 100 experimental vaccines for Covid-19. The experts believe the finding the vaccine and then producing it on a mass scale is what will cause a problem in the future.

The experts also believe that it is likely that the disease might be here to stay.

The British Government has already agreed to pay for as many as 100 million doses, further telling that 30 million doses might be ready by September itself.

Aside from that, the Oxford University may also join Moderna in a large scale testing problem in July.

By Somapika Dutta

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