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April 20, 2020 12:23
US to send experts to China for Covid-19 probe

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While the entire world is fighting a constant battle to eradicate the deadly novel coronavirus, the United States is planning to send a team of experts inside China for Covid-19 probe.

President Donald Trump said that they are planning to recruit a group of experts and send them to China to further investigate about the novel coronavirus. Trump has also “warned” Beijing of the consequences in case the virus was an intentional move and not something that just happened.

The Covid-19 has already claimed over 165,000 lives across the world, over 41,000 in the US itself.

Trump described the novel coronavirus disease as a plague and stated in one of his daily White House conference stating that he is not happy with China over the spread of this virus that started in the Wuhan city in China.

“We spoke to them (Chinese) a long time ago about going in. We want to go in. We want to see what's going on. And we weren't exactly invited, I can tell you that,” said President Donald Trump in the press briefing on Sunday.

Trump further stated saying, “I was very happy with the (trade) deal (with China), very happy with everything and then we found out about the plague and since we found out about that I'm not happy.”

The US has also been planning for an investigation on whether or not the virus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Trump has consistently expressed his disappointment over China’s handling of the coronavirus, the constant alleged non-transparency and the non-cooperation from Beijing initially with Washington for better dealing with the crisis.

Trump believes that they will be able to find out more about this following their investigation.

Just a day earlier, Trump warned China that their country is going to face consequences in case the country was knowingly responsible for the spread of the virus.

Trump said that following comparing the epidemics back in 1917 saying that things have take a turn for the worse across the entire world.

The Democratic Party said that President Trump has falsely claimed that they restricted travel from China early which was not the case as the imposed restrictions happened quite later on in the stage. They said that Trump continued to downplay the severity of the virus.

The total number of confirmed cases in US have surpassed over 764,000 cases so far with reported 41,000 deaths in the country. New York, which is the epicentre of the virus has also reported over 242,000 cases and over 17,600 deaths. Over the last 8 days, the state has reported a 50% decline in the number of hospitalisations and confirmed cases.

On a global scale, the novel coronavirus has already infected over 2.3 million people and killed over 160,000 people worldwide.

By Somapika Dutta

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