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  • SARS-CoV2, mutation, all you need to know about d614g a dangerous mutation of sars cov2, Wuhan

    All you need to know about D614G, a dangerous mutation of SARS-CoV2 2020-08-18 06:27:47

    Apprehensions of coronavirus reinfections have grown in people leading them to doubt even the efficacy of the vaccines being developed across the world. Malaysia’s health ministry on Sunday confirmed the presence of D614G, a mutation of SARS-CoV2 in three people...

    Keywords: D614G, researchers, world, mutation

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    Covid-19 vaccine in India, India starts production of Covid-19 vaccine, covidshield oxford s covid 19 vaccine s production begins in india, Wuhan

    Covidshield- Oxford’s Covid-19 vaccine’s production begins in India: 2020-07-24 15:20:54

    Oxford University’s Covid-19 vaccine is named Covidshield and the production of the said vaccine has begun in Indi. This decision was made recently after the results of first 2 phases of the vaccine study came out this week. The vaccine...

    Keywords: Covid-19 vaccine in India, India starts production of Covid-19 vaccine, Covid-19 vaccine in India, Covid-19 vaccine in India

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    Thyrocare Laboratory tests, Thyrocare Laboratory tests, new data shows crores of indians already immune to coronavirus, Wuhan

    New data shows crores of Indians already immune to coronavirus: 2020-07-23 14:51:24

    New data released by Thyrocare shows that around 18 crore Indian maybe already immune to the coronavirus. The novel coronavirus has caused a chaos in the whole economic structure in the entire world. The deadly virus which first originated in...

    Keywords: Thyrocare Laboratory tests, Thyrocare Laboratory tests, Indians immune to virus, Thyrocare Laboratory tests

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    China, college, chinese university asks female students not to wear revealing outfits outrage sparks, Wuhan

    Chinese University asks Female students not to wear revealing outfits, outrage sparks 2020-09-03 10:50:17

    Universities and schools reopened in China this week and a new rule from a University advises female students to not wear too revealing clothes to avoid drawing temptation from men. A Chinese University is in limelight for its bizarre rule...

    Keywords: China, female students, China, China

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    USA shuts down Houston consulate, USA-China relations, after india s boycott china movement us has closed chinese embassy in houston and says more is possible, Wuhan

    After India’s Boycott China movement, US has closed Chinese Embassy in Houston and says more is possible: 2020-07-24 02:24:12

    The United States Department of State has closed down a Consulate of China in Houston on the grounds of Protecting Intellectual property of the country and the Presidents say this closure will not be the only one, there could be...

    Keywords: USA-China relations, USA shuts down Houston consulate, USA shuts down Houston consulate, USA shuts down Houston consulate

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    study, COVID-19, why obesity can be a risk factor for covid 19, Wuhan

    Why Obesity can be a Risk Factor for COVID-19? 2020-07-28 05:59:13

    Certain mechanical issues with respect to obese person’s body will curb the recovery process of a COVID-19 patient. A recent study by Apollo Hospitals in Delhi found that about 70% of COVID-19 patients who were tested positive were either overweight...

    Keywords: Apollo hospitals, diabetes, virus, virus

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