Neymar jerseys, Brazil condoms are the latest World Cup crazeFootball

June 23, 2014 15:33
Neymar jerseys, Brazil condoms are the latest World Cup craze},{Neymar jerseys, Brazil condoms are the latest World Cup craze

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12 days into the game and crazy soccer fans are going bananas celebrating, cheer and enjoy the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2014.

From painting nails and face in flag-themed hues to dressing up dogs in Neymar jerseys to heating up things in bed with Brazil-inspired condoms, the football frenzy is at its full display here. And it isn't for the sport fanatics alone.

That's right! From pet owners to fashionistas to love-struck fans, everyone has found their own ways to sport their favorite team colors, be it through Brazil football kits for dogs, soccer-inspired designer clothes for women and caipirinha-flavored condoms for couples.

Sao Paulo is teeming with World Cup souvenirs — from the kitschiest to the most fashionable — from upper-class neighborhoods to bustling street markets.

While one pet store is selling a yellow, round doggie poop bag dispenser with a football printed in the middle, some other stores have put $14 yellow dog shirt with the number 10 printed on the back — a tribute to Brazil's star forward Neymar.

A nail salon is doling out huge discounts to anyone wanting a Brazil manicure — to paint nails in yellow, green and blue. A manicure with two nail appliques goes for $13.

Local fashion designers have joined the party too, making blouses, purses and dresses for women who want to show team spirit without having to wear a football jersey.

Not just that, the love of country has even made it into the bedroom.

DKT International, a US-based non-profit that promotes family planning and HIV prevention, has sold a whopping 2.1 million condoms flavored like caipirinha, Brazil's famous cocktail so far.

Being sold under Prudence brand, the yellow condom with a green tip sells for $1.40 for a pack of three.

You can pick the kitschiest and cheapest World Cup souvenirs in Sao Paulo's busy March 25 Street, where outdoor market stall owners sell $5 harlequin hats, mohawk wigs and ear-piercing vuvuzelas.

AW: Suchorita Choudhury

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