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  • Indian 15th President, Draupadi Murmu latest, draupadi murmu takes oath as the 15th president of india, Vice president

    Draupadi Murmu takes oath as the 15th President of India 2022-07-25 10:11:49

    Draupadi Murmu created a sensation and she emerged as the first tribal woman to take the oath as the new President of the country. Draupadi Murmu took oath as the 15th President of the country today in the Parliament Central...

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    Venkaiah Naidu new role, Narendra Modi, narendra modi praises venkaiah naidu on his farewell, Vice president

    Narendra Modi Praises Venkaiah Naidu On His Farewell 2022-08-08 15:28:23

    BJP senior leader from Andhra Pradesh, Venkaiah Naidu has been assigned the Vice-President post and there were rumors that Modi wanted to keep Venkaiah Naidu at a spot. Venkaiah Naidu's tenure as Vice-President will come to an end and everyone...

    Keywords: Venkaiah Naidu news, Narendra Modi, Venkaiah Naidu latest, Narendra Modi

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    16th Vice-President news, 16th Vice-President election, vice president election underway in delhi, Vice president

    Vice-President Election Underway In Delhi 2022-08-06 09:08:37

    The polling for the lection of the new Vice-President of India began today morning in the Parliament House in New Delhi and it will be concluded at 5 PM. The members of both the houses are participating in the election....

    Keywords: 16th Vice-President of India, 16th Vice-President, 16th Vice-President, Vice-President Election result

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    Andrew Huff breaking updates, Andrew Huff news, covid 19 was a man made virus claims an american scientist, Vice president

    Covid-19 was a man-made virus claims an American Scientist 2022-12-06 06:34:31

    The Covid-19 scare that started three years ago is yet to leave the world. All the nations of the globe are shattered and crores of people lost their lives because of the coronavirus pandemic. It all started in China and...

    Keywords: Andrew Huff latest updates, Andrew Huff updates, Andrew Huff updates, Andrew Huff about Covid-19

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    Jagdeep Dhankhar new role, Jagdeep Dhankhar breaking news, jagdeep dhankhar is the front runner for the role of vice president, Vice president

    Jagdeep Dhankhar is the Front Runner for the Role of Vice President 2022-07-16 09:33:31

    The President and Vice President's elections will take place this month. The BJP Parliamentary board will meet today to decide the Vice Presidential candidate for the part. There are talks that West Bengal's Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar is the frontrunner for...

    Keywords: Jagdeep Dhankhar new role, Jagdeep Dhankhar, BJP, Jagdeep Dhankhar updates

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    Joe Biden coronavirus, Joe Biden breaking news, joe biden tested positive for covid 19 after cancer fear, Vice president

    Joe Biden Tested Positive for Covid-19 After Cancer Fear 2022-07-22 10:11:41

    Two days after American President Joe Biden remarked himself with cancer, he was tested positive for Covid-19. The White House said that he has mild symptoms and is in recovery mode. He has isolated himself after being tested positive for...

    Keywords: Joe Biden health, Joe Biden health condition, Joe Biden news, Joe Biden Covid-19

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