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  • Citizenship Amendment Act, United Nations High Commissioner, india brushes aside un rights chief s remarks as internal matters over caa talks, The hindu

    India brushes aside UN Rights Chief’s remarks as "Internal Matters" over CAA talks 2020-03-03 12:52:56

    An intervention has been filed in the Supreme Court by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act and has informed the Permanent Mission of India in Geneva regarding the same, as said by the...

    Keywords: United Nations High Commissioner, Citizenship Amendment Act, Supreme Court, United Nations High Commissioner

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    Kolkata, digital parcel, india post to start a digital parcel locker in kolkata, The hindu

    India Post to start a Digital Parcel Locker in Kolkata 2020-02-10 13:34:07

    The India Post has decided to help the ones miss out receiving their parcels as they would have to leave for their work and there would be no one at home in order to receive their parcels.The Kolkata Circle will...

    Keywords: India Post, India Post, Kolkata, India Post

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    casualty, COVID-19, third casualty due to covid 19 in india, The hindu

    Third casualty due to COVID-19 in India 2020-03-18 06:31:49

    India reported third case of death caused by being infected by the deadly novel coronavirus where in a 63 year old COVID-19 patients from Mumbai has died on 17th of March which led to the authorities tightening the regulations which...

    Keywords: COVID-19, death, death, India

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    Bollywood, cinema hall, kashmir all set to get its first multiplex cinema hall after three decades, The hindu

    Kashmir All Set To Get Its First Multiplex Cinema Hall After Three Decades 2020-06-24 11:30:31

    A three – storey multiplex with a multi-screen movie theatre will bring back hope and entertainment to Kashmiri’s by March next year. It will be nearly after a decade that Bollywood movies are played on big-screen in Srinagar. Before terrorism...

    Keywords: Srinagar, Bollywood, multiplex, multiplex

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    Mumbai, Ranjit Bachchan murder, ranjit bachchan murder case shooter among the three suspects arrested in mumbai, The hindu

    Ranjit Bachchan murder case: shooter among the three suspects arrested in Mumbai 2020-02-06 05:10:05

    A man has been arrested as a suspect in the murder case of Ranjit Bachchan by a joint team of police and the special task force (STF). The man has been suspected to be the one who has shot the...

    Keywords: Hazratganj, Mumbai, Mumbai, Vishwa Hindu Mahasabha

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    mental benefits, powerful mantra, 5 benefits of chanting om mantra, The hindu

    5 Benefits Of Chanting ‘OM’ Mantra 2020-03-03 12:02:16

    ‘OM’ is recognized as the most divine, peaceful, empowering and a positive sound whose vibration has the ability to influence one’s mind, body and actions most optimistically. In the Hindu culture, Om is chanted as it is or it comes...

    Keywords: emotional benefits and physical benefits, Spirituality, mental benefits, Spirituality

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