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    What Is Herd Immunity That Delhi CM Kejriwal Is Talking About? 2020-07-25 13:00:22

    Delhi sero survey results convey that about 47 lakh people in the National Capital have already been affected. CM Kejrriwal says that herd immunity could be approaching. What actually is it? A recent sero survey in Delhi found the presence...

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    Just 6.6% Exposed to COVID-19 till August: New Sero Survey 2020-10-01 06:49:13

    ICMR Director General Balaram Bhargava said that 6.6 percent of the 29,000 people surveyed showed the past exposure to COVID-19. One in 15 individuals who are of age 15 years and above have been exposed to the novel coronavirus by...

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    Delhi, Coronavirus, about one fourth of delhi residents exposed to coronavirus already sero survey, Sero survey

    About One-Fourth of Delhi Residents Exposed to Coronavirus Already: Sero Survey 2020-07-22 14:12:59

    If Delhi’s population is around 2 crore, already 47 lakh people have been affected by Coronavirus according to sero survey. About 23.5 % of total samples which were tested to assess the true spread of COVID-19 IN Delhi were found...

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