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  • health and fitness, red and white stretch marks, difference between red and white stretch marks explained and it s natural to have them, Puberty

    Difference between Red and White Stretch Marks Explained and It’s Natural to Have Them 2019-05-16 07:12:48

    Regardless of gender, most of the people spot stretch marks on the body at some point in life making a person feel ill at ease and mystifying. The stretch marks usually appear when the body is going through change due...

    Keywords: new white stretch marks, difference between red and white stretch marks, stretch marks photography, how to get rid of red stretch marks

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    estrogen, estrogen, women suffer more with migraine attacks than men here s why, Puberty

    Women suffer more with migraine attacks than men, here’s why 2020-02-04 12:17:47

    Migraine tends to be the most common health issue that people suffer after getting into a stressful day at work but little did you know that it is not an equal opportunity disorder. Migraines are not typical headaches but instead...

    Keywords: migraine, estrogen, estrogen, sex hormones

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    curriculum, curriculum, new school curriculum in india to include teachings about sex education, Puberty

    New School Curriculum in India to include teachings about Sex Education 2020-02-19 10:55:36

    The NDA government which is led by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has developed a Health and Wellness Curriculum under which the school children will be taught the safe use of internet and social media, reproduction health, prevention of HIV...

    Keywords: sex education, safe use of social media, safe use of social media, sex education

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    Odor in Underarms, potato juice, say goodbye to smelling underarms with 10 remedies, Puberty

    Say ‘Goodbye’ To Smelling Underarms With 10 Remedies 2020-05-15 04:42:48

    In a battle between ‘odor’ and ‘fragrance’ who do you think wins?Who wins is directly dependent on how clean and healthy you keep yourself.If you let ‘odor’ win. Be ready to get yourself wrapped with embarrassment. I am sure you...

    Keywords: Odor in Underarms, natural remedies, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice

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    mental illness, depression, why is mental health so important for school children, Puberty

    Why Is Mental Health So Important For School Children? 2020-12-10 12:02:12

    Mental health is the internal well being of one’s mind- how we are feeling, what are our emotions, how do we know if we are truly happy or sad- it all comes under the umbrella of mental health. Many mental...

    Keywords: depression, school, education, mental illness

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    LA student very upset over Harry Potter mural, LA student very upset over Harry Potter mural, la crosse student very upset over harry potter mural, Puberty

    La Crosse student 'very upset' over Harry Potter mural 2016-09-27 12:21:07

    A University of Wisconsin-La Crosse student had lodged a serious complaint for his campus’ official “Hate Response Team”, he was “very upset” by a Harry Potter mural in a college dorm. The mural, in the Laux Residence Hall, depicts Neville...

    Keywords: LA student very upset over Harry Potter mural, LA student very upset over Harry Potter mural, Complaint against Harry Potter Mural, Complaint against Harry Potter Mural

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