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  • BCCI, BCCI, asia cup is canceled bcci president saurav ganguly, Pakistan

    Asia Cup is canceled: BCCI President Saurav Ganguly 2020-07-09 12:45:10

    BCCI President Saurav Ganguly ahead of Asian Cricket meeting announced that this year’s Asia cup tournament has been canceled due to COVID-19. Asian cricket meeting is supposed to be held on July 9, where the decision of conducting Asia cup...

    Keywords: COVID-19, Asia Cup, COVID-19, BCCI

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    Hindustan Unilever, skin whitening, hindustan unilever drops the word fair from its skincare brand fair lovely, Pakistan

    Hindustan Unilever Drops the Word “Fair” From Its Skincare Brand Fair & Lovely 2020-06-26 10:03:51

    HUL’s most coveted skincare brand Fair and Lovely decides to remove words like “fair”, “lightening” and “whitening” from their products. Just weeks after Johnson and Johnson stopped production of its fairness products; Hindustan Unilever joins next in the line. The...

    Keywords: skincare products, fairness, skincare products, Hindustan Unilever

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    Indian based TikTok, Desi alternative for TikTok, indian alternatives to tiktok chingari and mitron see surge in downloads, Pakistan

    Indian alternatives to TikTok- Chingari and Mitron see surge in downloads: 2020-07-01 05:35:14

    2 desi alternatives for TikTok- Chingari and Mitron have seen massive surge in downloads after the government banned TikTok and 58 other China based apps. TikTok has been banned by the Indian government. The Boycott of China products and apps...

    Keywords: Desi alternative for TikTok, Indian based TikTok, Desi alternative for TikTok, Desi alternative for TikTok

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    Gurugram, Pakistan, delhi on high alert after swarms of desert locusts reach outskirts, Pakistan

    Delhi on High Alert after Swarms of Desert Locusts Reach Outskirts 2020-06-29 11:15:27

    A high alert was declared in Delhi by Environment Minister Gopal Rai after desert locusts reach outskirts of the city crossing Gurugram. According to officials, a swarm of locusts of 3 kilometers in length crossed Gurugram and reached Delhi outskirts...

    Keywords: Delhi, Pakistan, Locusts, Delhi

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    Pakistan, Pakistan, four gunmen attacked pakistani stock exchange in karachi, Pakistan

    Four Gunmen Attacked Pakistani Stock Exchange in Karachi 2020-07-01 04:46:09

    Two Pakistani guards and a Policeman were killed in a gruesome attack by militants on Pakistani stock exchange in Karachi. 7 security personnel were also injured in the assault.On Monday, four militants armed with automatic rifles threw a grenade and...

    Keywords: stock exchange, stock exchange, Pakistan, Karachi

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    Movie on Galwan Valley clash, Movie on Galwan Valley clash, actor ajay devgan announces film on the sacrifice of indian soldiers at galwanvalley, Pakistan

    Actor Ajay Devgan announces film on the sacrifice of Indian Soldiers at GalwanValley 2020-07-04 06:35:58

    Actor Ajay Devgan who was last seen in his 2019 super hit move Tanhaji has announced that he is co-producing a film based on the lives of 20 Indian soldiers who were martyred at the Galwan Valley during the India-...

    Keywords: Movie on Galwan Valley clash, Ajay Devgan announces movie, Movie on Galwan Valley clash, Movie on Galwan Valley clash

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