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  • tea definition, can we survive on tea, this woman from chhattisgarh is surviving on just tea for 30 years, Healthy living

    This Woman from Chhattisgarh Is Surviving on Just Tea for 30 Years 2019-01-12 11:11:57

    Though you can't end a day without a cup of tea, can you imagine surviving on just that? No right? But, this woman from an Indian state Chhattisgarh has been drinking just tea for the last 30 odd years and...

    Keywords: Chhattisgarh woman surviving on tea, black tea, tea leaves, drinking of tea benefits

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    e cigarettes selling in walmart, walmart, walmart to stop selling e cigarettes, Healthy living

    Walmart to Stop Selling E-Cigarettes 2019-09-21 11:41:32

    American retail company Walmart said it will stop putting up electronic cigarettes for sale at its namesake stores and Sam's Clubs as a result of a string of mysterious illnesses and deaths related to vaping.Based in Bentonville, Arkansas, the nation's...

    Keywords: e cigarettes in walmart, health and fitness, health and fitness, healthy living

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    Pain Treating Herbal Supplement, herbal supplements, this pain treating herbal supplement is not safe for use, Healthy living

    This Pain Treating Herbal Supplement Is Not Safe for Use 2019-07-10 07:39:31

    The herb 'kratom', which is more and more being used to treat pain and opioid addiction, is not safe for use, a study revealed. The researchers from the Binghamton University, in the study published in the journal Pharmacotherapy, observed that...

    Keywords: healthy living, lifestyle, health and fitness, lifestyle

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    healthy living, foods that can stain teeth, 7 foods that could stain your teeth, Healthy living

    7 Foods That Could Stain Your Teeth 2019-07-20 07:34:31

    Stained teeth can crop up as we age, but some common nutrients, drinks, and even mouthwashes can stain teeth. It can get stained when you eat foods with colored pigment because the enamel of the teeth includes small irregularities. And so,...

    Keywords: foods that can stain teeth, health and fitness, teeth, healthy living

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    healthy living, head injury affecting sense of smell, even a minor head injury can affect sense of smell in person and cause anxiety new research found, Healthy living

    Even a Minor Head Injury Can Affect Sense of Smell in Person and Cause Anxiety, New Research Found 2019-07-24 13:15:32

    Even a minor head injury may lead to olfactory and anxiety problems, researchers found. The study, published in the journal Brain Injury, found that even minor accidents like falling off a bike with a helmet on, taking a tumble on...

    Keywords: head injury, head injury causing anxiety in person, head injury, healthy living

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    anatomy names for body parts, unique body parts, from face to butt 6 body parts you should never touch with hands, Healthy living

    From Face to Butt, 6 Body Parts You Should Never Touch with Hands 2019-08-29 11:42:46

    Touching some of our body parts like face, eyes, and mouth is something we do consistently on purpose and at times unconsciously. And, if you question what’s wrong with fiddling with our own body parts, then you ought to read...

    Keywords: anatomy names for body parts, funny nicknames for body parts, places with body parts in the name, places with body parts in the name

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