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  • donald trump, congress, donald trump s ban on who funding could get him impeached, Democrats

    Donald Trump’s ban on WHO funding could get him impeached 2020-04-16 08:17:02

    Risks of impeachment have been looming over President Donald Trump’s head for quite some time now. The sudden withdrawal of the WHO funding from U.S was another bold move that is likely going to impact Trump’s stay in the White...

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    WHO, funding, us likely to never restore who funds mike pompeo, Democrats

    US likely to never restore WHO funds: Mike Pompeo 2020-04-24 05:02:53

    President Donald Trump recently announced temporary halt to the US funding to WHO citing that the organisation has been biased towards Chinese officials. This did ignite criticisms and a lot of constant to and fro among the Trump administration and...

    Keywords: mike pompeo, funding, funding, mike pompeo

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    Serum Institute of India, Serum Institute of India, covid 19 vaccine developed in india show promising results, Democrats

    Covid-19 vaccine developed in India show promising results 2020-06-11 07:46:59

    With over 7 million people infected and over 440,000 reported deaths across the world, Covid-19 vaccine is a need of the hour. Several countries are working consistently to develop a viable vaccine that would help save people from the wrath...

    Keywords: Rockefeller Foundation, Rajiv Shah, Serum Institute of India, Rajiv Shah

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    immigration, immigration, president trump to temporarily suspend immigration to us, Democrats

    President Trump to temporarily suspend immigration to US 2020-04-21 07:10:52

    In the daily press conference in the White House, President Donald Trump said that he going to suspend all the immigration to US temporary to avert further complications of the coronavirus outbreak.This is to not just contain the further spread...

    Keywords: immigration, coronavirus, immigration, US

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    stimulus checks, treasury, us citizens receive letter signed by president along with stimulus checks, Democrats

    US Citizens receive letter signed by President along with stimulus checks 2020-04-27 06:22:41

    With the outbreak of the pandemic, things have taken a turn for the worse in the world, especially that in the United States. According to reports, if a person is receiving a stimulus check as part of the coronavirus relief...

    Keywords: donald trump, stimulus checks, donald trump, treasury

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    unemployment, home sales, covid 19 pandemic has resulted in 36 8 million americans unemployment, Democrats

    Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in 36.8 million Americans’ unemployment 2020-05-22 06:53:15

    With the gradual reopening of the states in US, the job losses are gradually decreasing but till date, over 36.8 million people have lost their job in the US. Officials are looking into ways to administer steps to get the...

    Keywords: economy, covid-19, economy, economy

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