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October 21, 2019 14:23
NRI Sponsors 480 Units Of Bio-Toilets To The Government Schools In Telangana

Sanitation and hygiene has been one of the most talked about problems in the government schools in the rural villages in India. The lack of proper hygiene is often one of the reasons that prevent the students from coming back to the school for further education because they fear the lack of toilets and sanitation. An NRI from the Individual Social Responsibility decided to bring forth changes to some of the government schools in Telangana, India.

Around 120 government and local body schools are all set to not experience any further issues with stinking washrooms and dirty and clogged drains as they are going to get bio-toilets in their schools.

If the strategic planning is to be believed, it is said that around 480 such bio-toilets are all set to be installed in each of the schools, making it four bio-toilets in each of the schools. It will have two for girls and two for the boys.

These bio-toilets have a very low maintenance cost and as mentioned before, is being sponsored by an NRI from the Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) initiative. The same was launched by the school education department. They department has already built a number of toilets in the schools which have become dysfunctional following the lack of water and maintenance.

Following the enrollments, some of the government and the local body schools were granted around INR 15,000 to INR 60,000 per annum for the maintenance of the toilets installed in the schools. The sanctioned amount was supposed to be used for the scavenging purposes, the security salary, power bills and other maintenance works to name a few. The lack of grants was what made this endeavour a failure.

The school education department gathered the necessary details and suggested saying that around 6251 government as well as the local body schools required one or two units of toilet for boys while 2971 such schools were in dire need of properly maintained toilets for the girls.

A senior official said that a NRI came forward for the good cause and was willing to sponsor the bio toilets for around 120 schools which are in immediate need for the toilets. With the recent launch of the drive, several individuals, corporate companies and even the banks have come up with better interest in extending their services to some of the school students and the teachers alike.

Even though this is just the beginning, the school education department does require more donations and support for ensuring that the children across India have a very secure and safe sanitation around in the washrooms that they use.

The contributions by the NRI for the installation of bio-toilets in Telangana in India are a step forward towards better growth of the future of the nation.

By Somapika Dutta

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