Eight Inexpensive Employee Appreciation Day Ideas Your Team Will LoveWishesh Special

March 01, 2019 12:56
Eight Inexpensive Employee Appreciation Day Ideas Your Team Will Love

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It is overriding now and then for a boss to display some love to the people who work for the company and since today is marked as ‘Employee Appreciation Day’, make your employees feel special.

While every organization or company celebrates it, some go an extra mile to celebrate the people who work hard for their company. Employee Appreciation Day is an unofficial holiday mostly celebrated in countries like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

This day is often observed by offering gifts, events, parties or special recognition for workers. As per some studies, recognition and appreciation of employee can boost their confidence and increase productivity which consequently led to more and more companies celebrating this day.

Inexpensive Employee Appreciation Day ideas

Celebrate Employees’ Achievements

one of the best ways to show your appreciation for your employees is by celebrating their accomplishments. Keep track of their performance and any desired results that were out shined.

Instead of just company-wide appreciation events, you can make individual awards. It could be a general “Employee of the Month” award that employees can nominate each other for.

Give out Treats

Offering complimentary food, snacks, and beverages to your employees once in a while is an easy way to show your appreciation. Even offering complimentary lunches at the end of each quarter is a way to repay to the employees who have given your company so much.

Celebrate Small Wins

It’s easy to focus on the big goals that your employees hit. It is more difficult to remember and keep track of the smaller goals that are accomplished. It doesn’t need to be a huge event; a simple shoutout in a company-wide email can go a long way and show you care.

Organize Potlucks

Consider organizing a potluck lunch or dinner as an employee appreciation event. Every employee can make or purchase a drink, main course, or snack to contribute, and you can all relish each other’s company at a generally homemade meal together.

This will get your employees more involved in the event and still show your dedication to employee appreciation.

Invest in Employees’ Health

Showing employee appreciation can go further than acknowledging their accomplishments professionally. Inexpensive alternatives could be offering fresh fruit and healthy bites or employee-organized fitness classes and clubs.

Celebrate Completion of Anniversaries in Company

One of the best gifts for a company is the employees who stay with you long-term. Whether they’ve been with you for two years or twenty years, it’s important to show how much their commitment means.

Keep track of each employee’s hire date and surprise them with a thoughtful card, flowers, a cake, a small gift or a well-written, meaningful card.

Allow Flexible Schedules

Instead of grilling down on employees to be in the office exactly 40 hours a week, you can be easier and let them work on their own time now and then.

In addition, your employees will work better if they don’t feel confined to their jobs at all times. Make certain that proper personal time is taken by employees as they need to care for themselves and spend time with friends and family.

-Sowmya Sangam

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