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June 11, 2024 20:27
Happy Life with a Healthy Lifestyle

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A healthy lifestyle will make you feel happy and healthier. As a person, a healthy lifestyle will also let you feel more energetic and young. Learn how to make a healthy lifestyle a habit. Few habits that need to be changed and learned.

Have Dinner by 7 PM in the night. As our digestive system takes 9 hours for complete digestion, eating continuously will only make it work harder. As we all know our body has its own healing system. Overeating will make the healing system busier in digestion by not letting it do its actual work of healing our body.

For example, it takes 3 hours for fruits to get completely digested, 6 hours for vegetables as vegetables are dry and starchy and for grains like millet, rice and others our digestive system will take nearly 18 hours to complete its digestion. It may vary depending on the person's active lifestyle.

If you are not an active person, start your day with a glass of juice of green vegetables or ash gourd, which are called detox juices and if you are an active person start having nourishing juices.

Detox juices are like ash gourd juice or green juice with cucumber, spinach, apple, ginger and lemon. Coconut water also comes under detox juices. Detox juices will also help with weight loss.

Nourishing juices are ABC juice (Apple, Beetroot and carrot) and also any seasonal fruit juices. It’s always good to have fruit juices with fifty per cent water as sugar in the fruit juices will strain the pancreas to break them. Nourishing juices will be helpful for weight gain and as well help our skin nourish.

Juices are with micronutrients and it is very healthy to have them at least before 1 hour of breakfast.

Note: Never leave juices for a long time. Besides these, it's always preferable to not have any fibre content on an empty stomach. Juices are never preferable along with the food or after the food.

For a healthy and happy lifestyle, anyone should stay away from processed food and should adopt eating wholesome food. Wholesome food is nothing but the food with Pransakthi.

Processed food is exactly not food and it is nothing but a form of food. Packed food has more chemicals in it, which will cause many health problems.

As in the early 19th century, smoking was never cautioned. People were smoking at public places and even in hospitals. However now the damages done by smoking are known to the public. Likewise Processed and packaged food is very dangerous to consume and will surely be cautioned in coming years like smoking.

To have a healthier body also stop consuming Sugar, Maida and White rice. These are white devils in our kitchen, which are never to be consumed. To get a highly energetic body, throw them from your kitchen.

Note: Sugar alternatives can be dates and raisins.

Start following the basic changes of having dinner by 7 PM and starting your day with a glass of juice and also avoid having processed food. These will definitely change your day and make you active throughout the day, that is from sunrise to sunset.

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