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November 10, 2020 12:15
Crackers Might Aggravate Covid-19 Infections, Doctors Say

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Several cracker sellers have been against the Administration’s orders of banning crackers. However, in reality, it truly seems to be a threat in the fight against covid.

Studies suggest that an increase in air pollution would increase the number of COVID deaths by 15 per cent.

Smoke from crackers is risky and it would affect the respiratory tract. That being said, even doctors from the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research are stressing on the fact that air pollution would make it easier for you to contract the virus.

They said, “We are in the midst of a pandemic and smoke from crackers will further increase the risk of Covid-19 as the virus also affects respiratory tract,” Doctors further stated that Diwali celebrations will be possible next year only if people are careful this year.

Dr Ravindra Khaiwal, Additional Professor from Department of Community Medicine and School of Public Health said people will have to be really careful this Diwali.

“Due to bursting crackers, air pollution will increase and so will the risk factor of Covid-19. The infection is also initiated from respiratory tract and if our health is compromised due to air pollution, the impact of the virus will be more severe,” said Dr Khaiwal.

Dr Khaiwal added that three factors which can increase the risk of Covid during Diwali. “During Diwali, we will go to the markets adding to the rush, which will increase the risk of spread of virus. The second factor is when people will meet relatives and friends, and not follow protocols of distancing or mask wearing. The third factor is air pollution caused due to crackers,” he said.

PGI Director Dr Jagat Ram said that people, especially those with comorbidities have to extremely careful. “Smoke from the crackers can aggravate the condition as the respiratory tract will be sensitive.

More specifically, people with cardiac problems or respiratory history or cancer or kidney problems are vulnerable to the air pollution,” he said.

“As a doctor I will recommend to people to not burst crackers. Not just air pollution but even case of burn injuries and eye injuries have increased over the years.

There have been cases where people gave gone blind or have been affected with low vision. And families have repented. There have been instances where some were just bystanders and they got injuries,” he added.

By Neha Makhija

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