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July 18, 2020 17:49
Here’s How Your Train Journey with Indian Railways Will Look like Post COVID-19

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Indian Railways came up with new measures ensuring a safe travel to passenger and the measures are something different.

Entire travel industry across India has been put on pause with exceptions to certain flights and trains. Though there’s no clear date of return to normalcy due to coronavirus, one thing is certain. Travelling in the post COVID world will be an entirely new experience.

While the world is already fighting with the coronavirus, Indian railways too had launched and will implement its own measures to fight with the deadly virus.

Recently, Indian Railways has developed a ‘post-COVID coach’ for passenger. It was developed in Kapurthala rail coach factory and the coach is loaded with several new features that would amaze you. It is expected that all the trains running throughout the country will change their coaches following this new coach protocol by Indian Railways.

Here are some of the note-worthy features that Indian Railways had developed in the new coach:

  • One of the prominent features of this coach developed by Kapurthala rail coach factory is the usage of copper. As copper contains anti-microbial properties, Indian railways had brought to fore the copper made handrails and latches in the train.
  • Also, copper drains away the virus present on it within few hours. When virus lands on the copper material, ion blasts the pathogen and kills the DNA and RNA of the virus.
  • Yet another salient feature is the hand-free amenities like foot operated water tap, foot operated flush valve and soap dispenser and foot operated latches in the lavatory door. Moreover, for compartment entry and exit doors, a fore arm operating handle will be inserted on each door to ensure lower virus spread from passenger to passenger.
  • The new coach will have the provision for plasma air equipment in the AC Ducts. This plasma equipment will sterilize the air inside the AC coach using the ionised air to make the coach and the compartment free from viruses and bacteria. This equipment will enhance the ion concentration from 100 ions/cm3 to more than 6000 ions/cm3.
  • The Post COVID train coach will have a coating of Titanium Di- Oxide. The speciality of this coating lies in the nature of Titanium which acts as a photo active material. Hence, this coating will kill viruses, bacteria, moulds and fungi.  
  • The Titanium Di oxide coating will be applied to washbasins, lavatory, seats, berths, floor, snack table, window panes and any surface that comes into human contact. This coating once applied will be effective for a year.

By Gayatri Yellayi

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