Scattered protests happen in U.S against stay at home ordersTop Stories

April 17, 2020 17:28
Scattered protests happen in U.S against stay at home orders

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While the entire world is consistently fighting a bad global pandemic, 42 U.S states have issued stay at home orders to help contain the further spread of the novel coronavirus. These orders have not just laid off people but has also impacted their daily life and businesses have been shut down.

Citizens from across the country have come out on the streets to protest against the orders to help make the governors rethink their decision about the orders.

A few dozen protestors, along with their children came out on the streets of Richmond on Thursday to protest against Governor Ralph Northam’s mandate concerning the stay at home orders in the state.

Majority of the protestors, who have been featuring the supporters of President Donald Trump have been critiquing the decision made by the governors, which have been imposed to slow down the further spread of virus and prevent more deaths in the country.

Even in Michigan, thousands of residents blocked the traffic in Lansing with their protests, same with the protests happening in Kentucky wherein they disrupted Governor Andy Beshear’s news briefing concerning the pandemic, screaming “We want to work!” as a sign of protest.

Aside from these states, similar protests were also witnessed in states like Utah, North Carolina, and even Ohio. Some of the demonstrations have also been highlighted around in Oregon, Idaho and Texas.

U.S currently has the highest number or confirmed cases and deaths reported till now and the public health officials have time and time alerted the authorities that the premature lift of the social distancing restrictions can end up making the situation even worse than it already is.

Trump has time and time mentioned that he wants to “reopen” the economy as soon as possible. He has even discussed about a three stage opening process to ensure minimum risks. The governors have to now look into the proposal and share their insights about the same.

Some of the citizens in Michigan started protesting against the strict restrictions and the laws imposed by the Governor Gretchen Whitmer, wearing hats and waved signs supporting Trump’s ideologies.

Whitmer is considered to be the second best competitor to Joe Biden who is going to take on Trump in the general elections that are going to happen later this year.

Meshawn Maddock, one of the organisers of the rallies in Lansing reported saying that she was frustrated that the media only focused and highlighted the group of protestors who gathered around the step of the capitol including the militia group.

Maddock further stated saying, “When I’m fighting to (help) a guy who cleans pools or mows lawns, or a women who wants to sell her onion sets or geraniums, I don’t care whether they vote Republican, Democrat, or never vote at all.”

Maddock said that she has no messaging from Trump or his speeches around. She just wants people to be able to get back to work and there is no hidden agenda behind the same.

People from several other states have also contacted her to help them plan a similar rally protesting the stay at home orders. The protestors have clarified that these protests and rallies have no political background behind it. It is just them trying to fight their way to get back to their work.

By Somapika Dutta

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