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January 11, 2020 12:28
Iran Admits to Unintentional Shooting Down of Ukrainian Passenger Plane

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Iran’s military has announced early Saturday that the Ukraine passenger jet has been accidentally shot down and he blamed human error because of what it called the plane’s sharp, unexpected turn towards a a sensitive military base.

The Ukraine passenger plane crash near Tehran which has killed 176 people was unintentionally targeted by Iran.

The President of Iran has offered his heart felt apologies and condolences on twitter.

“A sad day. Preliminary conclusions of internal investigation by armed forces: Human error at time of crisis caused by US adventurism led to disaster,” said Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif in a tweet. “Our profound regrets, apologies and condolences to our people, to the families of all victims and to other affected nations.”

In the military statement, Iran blamed the cause being human error for the accidental shooting down the passenger jet which lead to the plane crash and killed 176 innocent passengers.

The statement also said that after turning down the a sensitive military center of the revolutionary Guard, the plane was mistaken for hostile target.

The statement added saying that the flight was hit in an unintentional manner because of human error and it apologized for the disaster saying that the systems would be upgraded in order to prevent such mistakes in the future.

According to the statement, those responsible for the strike on the plane would be prosecuted.

The authorities of Iran are in possession of the two flight data recorders which are also known as black boxes which have been seen by Ukrainian investigators but don’t have access to, said Prystaiko.

The Iranian government has said that, they would seek help from international partners like Russia, France, Canada or Ukraine if the authorities of Iran are not able to reconstruct and analyze the information from the flight data recorders.

The Foreign Minister of Ukraine has said that, access to the black boxes were given to the Ukrainian investigators on Friday. The examination of the information is yet to start which includes recordings of communications that had taken place between the pilot and Tehran flight control.

By Shrithika Kushangi

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