‘This Is a Victory of Democracy’: Narendra Modi After a Massive BJP WinTop Stories

May 24, 2019 11:34
‘This Is a Victory of Democracy’: Narendra Modi After a Massive BJP Win

(Image source from: Outlook India)

After a massive victory for Bharatiya Janata Party in Lok Sabha elections, Narendra Modi and President of BJP Amit Shah addressed party workers at the BJP headquarters in New Delhi.

Speaking first, Amit Shah, thanking the people of India for their victory, said: “This is the most historic victory in independent India, that the BJP has achieved under the leadership of Narendra Modi,”.

“This is a victory for the popularity of Narendra Modi,” he added.

“For the first time in 50 years, a Prime Minister with an absolute majority is winning an absolute majority for the second time,” Amit Shah said. “In 17 states, people have given us a mandate of more than 50 percent. In 17 units, the Congress has won zero seats.”

Narendra Modi spoke soon after, to cheers from the crowd. “Crores of citizens of this country have filled the jhola of this fakir,” the Prime Minister said at his victory rally, “This is the biggest event in the history of democracy in the world. The country got freedom, there were so many Lok Sabha elections held - and yet, the maximum voter turnout was in this election. That too, in the midst of rising temperatures. This itself shows the awareness of the citizens of India towards democracy. The world has to register this. The world has to recognize the democratic power of India.”

“In this festival of democracy, for the sake of democracy, the people who have made sacrifices and have been injured – my condolences to the families of these people. In the history of democracy, to die for democracy awill be an example and will inspire the coming generations,” he said.

Congratulating the Election Commission and security forces across the country, Modi said, “When the Mahabharatha war ended, Sri Krishna was asked, whose side were you on? I believe what Krishna’s answer back then is the answer that Hindustan’s 1.3 crore citizens have given today. “I was not on anyone’s side, I was only on the side of Hastinapur”. Today, 1.3 crore citizens were standing for Bharat.”

“If someone has won today, it is Hindustan. If someone has won today, it is a democracy. If someone has won today, it is the Janata Janardhan,” Modi declared.

He also said that with this mandate, the people of India had set a new narrative in motion. "Now there are only two jaatis (castes) in India - the poor, and those who work to elevate them from poverty," Modi said.

He reiterated a few times that the Constitution is supreme, and it was important to be inclusive going forward. "[Include] even those who oppose us," he stated.

Concluding his address, he made three promises and said that the people of the country should hold him to them. "In the coming days, I will not do anything with ill will. I may make a mistake, but I won't do anything with ill will. Secondly, I will not do anything with selfish interest. Thirdly, every second of my time, every fiber of my being is for my country's citizens. Hold me to these three promises. Criticize me if I don't do my job well. I will do my best to fulfill what I have promised to you all."

The BJP came out as a victor in the General Elections, winning 302 by itself. Meanwhile, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) has won 352 seats out of 542 in the Lok Sabha.

By Sowmya Sangam

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