Biggest Casualty Of Dynastic Politics Are Institutions: PM ModiTop Stories

March 20, 2019 14:57
Biggest Casualty Of Dynastic Politics Are Institutions: PM Modi

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Attacking Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the institutions have been the biggest casualty of dynastic Politics.

Prime Minister on Wednesday wrote in his blog and reminded the people for which they voted decisively in 2014 General Elections, that is Honesty over dynasty, Development over decay, Security over stagnation. Opportunities over obstacles, vikas over vote bank politics.

He asked people to think before they cast their vote, “From the press to parliament. From soldiers to free speech. From the constitution to the courts. Institutional insult is the Congress way. Everyone is wrong, only the Congress is correct.”

“As you go to vote- remember the past and how one family's desire for power cost the nation so greatly. If they could do it then, they can surely do it now. Eternal vigilance remains the price of liberty,” he advised the voters.

He said that his government works in the spirit of ‘India First’ instead of ‘Family First’, it shows in its working

"India has made remarkable achievements in sanitation coverage (from 38% in 2014 to 98% now), banking the unbanked, financing the un-financed, building futuristic infrastructure, homes for the homeless, providing healthcare for the poor and educating the youth. Reflective of this paradigm shift is the fact that now, there is a government that puts institutions above everything else," the prime minister said.

“Congress’ modus operandi is simple- reject, discredit and threaten. If a judicial verdict goes against them, they reject it, then they discredit the judge and thereafter, talk about bringing impeachment motions against the judge,” said PM Modi in his blog.

Prime Minister slams opposition parties for questioning government bodies, "Remember the UPA years, when the Congress questioned the CAG just because that institution exposed their corrupt shenanigans like 2G, Coal Scam etc. CBI became the Congress Bureau of Investigation- it was used time and again on political parties just before crucial parliamentary votes. Tensions were deliberately created in organisations such as IB and RAW."

He said Indians were tired of the nation being in the Fragile Five, where corruption, cronyism and nepotism made headlines instead of anything positive.

He added, “The sense of entitlement can be seen in their conduct towards routine legal processes. At present, their top leadership is on bail vis-a-vis a major scam. When the authorities seek to question them on their dealings, they do not even bother to reply. Are they scared of accountability or do they not believe in it?”

By Sai Kumar

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