Devadas Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew

Devadas Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew

Devadas Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew
  • Rating:
  • Director:
    Sriram Adittya
  • Cast:
    Nagarjuna Akkineni, Nani, Rashmika Mandanna, Aakanksha Singh
  • Banner:
    Vyjayanthi Movies
  • Producer:
    Ashwini Dutt
  • Music:
  • Release Dt :
    Sep, 27 2018


Devadas is all about Deva (Nagarjuna) and Dasu (Nani). While Deva is a mafia don, Dasu is a honest and innocent doctor. After Deva gets injured in an attack, Dasu rescues him and treats him. It is during this time, they bond well each other and narrate about their love stories with Jahnavi (Aakansha Singh) and Pooja (Rashmika Mandanna). The rest of Devadas is all about how Dasu convinces and changes Das through his girlfriend Jahnavi and watch the film to know if Deva is a changed man.


Devadas Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew

Devadas starts on a dull note and the film gains momentum after Nagarjuna takes the lead. The entertainment and Nag - Nani bromance have been well presented. The songs in the first half have been well shot and the interval episode looks decent. On the whole, the first half of Devadas offers nothing interesting but it is passable because of the lead actors and some good entertainment stuffed throughout.

The second half of Devadas is a huge misfire as the film turns out to be a boring feast. Except the performances by the lead actors and entertainment at times, the second half is a huge disappointment. The emotional connect too has not been well established and the film ends up on a highly predictable note. The songs haven't been shot well and the second half looks disappointing in many ways.


Nagarjuna tops the show with his energetic and flawless performance throughout. He looks young and is a treat to watch. Nani as usual topped the show with his comic timing. He is a treat to watch in a comic role and Nani is the major strength for the film. Aakanksha Singh has been completely good in the assignment and she performed well. Rashmika has one more bubbly role and she looks completely dominating. Kunal Kapoor makes his Tollywood debut with a powerful role. Sarath Kumar has been decent in the limited role. Murali Sharma, Naresh and Vennela Kishore looks decent.

Devadas offers no interesting content and plot. The screenplay and dialogues look just ok. The presentation has been ok because of the performances of Nagarjuna and Nani. The cinematography work stands out and the music, background score have been just ok. Sriram Aditya's work will be criticized once again for his poor treatment despite of having stars like Nag and Nani in hand.

Final Word

Nagarjuna and Nani tops the show in this comic entertainer but the film falls short because of various other factors.

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  • Devadas Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew
  • Devadas Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew