Here are Some Warning Signs of an Overactive BladderHealth & Wellness

March 22, 2022 16:18
Here are Some Warning Signs of an Overactive Bladder

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Some of the people are tired of frequent urination and this is a warning sign of overactive bladder and it should not be ignored. The bladder is an important organ to make your life smoother and its functioning is important to have a good health. The sleep will get disrupted because of the urination in the night. These are the hints of an overactive bladder which is a disorder. This can be caused due to excessive alcohol intake, smoking, Estrogen deficiency, nerve damage and weak pelvic muscles. You feel like urinating at the most absurd places and this would be embarrassing. Some of them often feel like urinating without anything coming out. Urinating frequently is the other sign of an overactive bladder. In some of the cases, there would be a leakage before you reach the washroom.

Here are some ways to manage an overactive bladder:

Avoid the drinks that can irritate the bladder and they include alcohol, caffeine and citrus juices. One has to keep the constipation at the bay. Make sure you eat more fibre and keep yourself hydrated. Exercise well and take new steps to prevent constipation. Keep a track on your weight and prevent obesity. Strictly prevent smoking and it has a toll on the overactive bladder. Keep a special track on the urination schedule and record your frequency.

By Siva Kumar

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