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July 06, 2011 10:42
An Actor with his own choice of films

Actor Srikanth’s InterviewHe has debuted in the industry as a character artist, has done many films as a Villain, then as a Character Artist, and then turned a Hero. Initially he has done some films as a Hero that were Heroine oriented, and soon donned a image of a family Hero, then tried some serious characters and now experimental films. He is none other than Hero Srikanth. His recent release, Neelakanta’s Directorial ‘Virodhi’, is earning good amount of reviews. In this regard, I have happened to meet the Actor. He was well behaved, appeared to be serious, but, has his witty side, on the other hand. Let me share the talk we had, were the Actor shares his experience about working in ‘Virodhi’, his career graph and more;

AW: Hi Sir, congratulations on the success of ‘Virodhi’
Srikanth: Hi thanks a lot.

AW: So, just move some months back, and we want to know how did ‘Virodhi’ happened 
Srikanth: Well, you know how creative Director Neelakanta is. He might be not many films old, but, his style of making a cinema is definitely to be appreciated. After taking a break from films, for almost 1+ year, Neelakanta has approached me for narrating the script. After listening to the same, there was like a kind of intuition that came into my mind on the film to be sure shot success. So, I immediately agreed to do ‘Virodhi’.

AW: You seem to be experimenting with your roles these days?
Srikanth: Yes, but, if I appear in same old regular family stories, or comic jorner films, people would recognize me for the same. Initially I have done these films in order to get the identity in the industry and also to earn my livelihood. Today, I have earned whatever I want. So, this is a time for me to showcase my Acting Skills by acting in various jorners of films. This is the reason for me to try out the roles in the films like ‘Mahatma’ and now ‘Virodhi’.

AW: But, don’t you think in the process of you experimenting with the roles, the film maker would be at a stake?
Srikanth: Tell me one thing, why would any Director and film maker approach me, if they do not have confidence in me? No film maker would make a Movie to be a flop. The success or the failures of the films are a total probability. I work to give my 100% in every film. It is upon the audience, how they take these films as.

AW: Coming back to ‘Virodhi’, you have paired up with Kamalini Mukherjee for the first time in this film. Could you share your working experience with her?
Srikanth: Kamalini is one such Actress in the T – Town, who has to be applauded for her amazing acting skills. I have seen her enacting the situations, with her face and eye expressions, that are not possible to many of other Top Heroines. Kamalini is the Actress who believes in doing quality films rather than quantity of the number of films. I am really glad that I have worked with her.

AW: and about the Director of the film, Neelakanta
Srikanth: What can I say about him? He is already a critically acclaimed Director, who has won National Award for his work. His films, ‘Show’ and ‘Missamma’ are popular till date. As far as ‘Virodhi’ is concerned the way the Neelakanta has dealt with the sensitive story line, it is not an easy task. But, seeing at the success of the film, it is once again proved that Neelakanta is one such Director, who is worth of being a Top most director in Telugu Cinema. He is very high in technicalities, knows what he has to do, and at the same time respects the others for their experience and knowledge. Good that I have had a opportunity to work with such a Director.

AW: this film has been produced by your Brother. Any particular reason?
Srikanth: his passion towards films and nothing else. When everything else, including the star cast of the film, there was a dilemma as to who will produce the film. Then my brother came into picture. Since, we could not afford to lose such a good script from hand, my brother decided to produce the film.

AW: ‘Virodhi’ has been getting mixed reviews. What’s your take on this?
Srikanth: ‘Virodhi’ is definitely an experimental film. Then it is quite common that the film will earn mixed reviews from the critics. But, we are confident that ‘Virodhi’ will be more successful, moving further. And, I once again request all the audience to watch such a good film, in theaters and not in pirated CD’s.

So, this is what I had an opportunity to speak to the Actor. We wish ‘Virodhi’, to be a successful film, ahead.

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