‘Vykuntapaali’ is a Movie that makes a ‘Difference’Celebrity Interviews

May 27, 2011 18:48
‘Vykuntapaali’ is a Movie that makes a ‘Difference’

AnilGopireddyAnil Gopi Reddy

Director – Music Director of the film ‘Vykuntapaali’ releasing today, Anil Gopi Reddy talks to Andhrawishesh team about ‘Vykuntapaali’, the starcast and his contribution to the film;

AW: So, how do you feel about your first film as a Director being released today?

Anil: oh! Please don’t ask me. Only I know how nervous I am feeling. Someone said it right, a film for a Director is like a Baby for a Mother. My baby is ready to come out today. (Laughs)

AW: How did ‘Vykuntapaali’ happen?

Anil: though I was a Music Director by Profession and worked with many Music Directors, being a Director has always been my passion. Infact, the story of ‘Vykuntapaali’ came out of that passion itself. I did not want to make any other regular film. I want people to think, after seeing my film. I want to pass on a message to the society with my film. This made me to write a script like ‘Vykuntapaali’. After I was all prepared with the script, it was no one else more than I could connect to the film. And this made me to compose even the Music scores of the film.

AW: Tell us about the Star cast?

Anil: well, I first approached Ranadheer (Happy Days fame) with the story. He really got impressed and introduced me to his friends Bhuvaneshwar Marem and Satya Deep Reddy, who later turned out to be the producers of the film. Apart from Ranadheer, Krishnudu, Ajay and Tashu Kaushik play the lead roles in the film. I approached Tashu to act in the film, through a social networking site. ‘Vykuntapaali’ is a Team effort.

AW: A single female lead and three male leads. Opposite whom would Tashu Kaushik be seen in the film?

Anil: I can’t reveal this. But, I can say, ‘Vykuntapaali’ is a message oriented film. The story revolves around three guys who have their own Idea of leading their lives. Now, who would succeed amongst the three and who is a failure and why, has to be seen on Silver Screen today. Even Tashu has a very prominent role to be played in the film.

AW: you are a Director and Music Director of the film. Was it difficult to manage two tasks at a time?

Anil: I infact wanted to produce the film, apart from Directing and composing music. I feel stories like ‘Vykuntapaali’ that are not regular, are a bit risky from a producer’s perspective. So, I wanted to take the risk. But, my friend Ranadheer suggested me to concentrate only on making the film a best one. He and his friends took the responsibility of the entire production.

AW: the film is releasing today. How do you think the Audience will accept this?

Anil: I would urge the audience to come to watch ‘Vykuntapaali’, absolutely with no expectations. Trust me the audience amount invested in watching a good film will not be wasted. I would like to mention one thing here. When well noted editor Marthand K. Venkatesh (who is a Editor for ‘Vykuntapaali’ also) was editing the film, he just looked at me and said ‘As a Director you have succeeded. Now, how the audience will receive this film, you completely leave this on the audience itself’. I consider this to be one of the biggest compliments of my life.

AW: Anything else you want to convey to our readers?

Anil: I would urge all the readers to stop encouraging piracy. It is nothing but killing the entire film Industry. If you have to watch ‘Vykuntapaali’, watch it in the theater with your family. We promise, the film is a 100% paisa vasool.

With this the Director resumed to watch the Morning show of ‘Vykuntapaali’ in theater. I have come back to share this chat with you. After watching the film, I will be back again to give a review of ‘Vykuntapaali’. Hope the film would be a Paisa Vasool.

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