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  • International Lefthanders Day, International Lefthanders Day, international lefthanders day 10 famous people who are left handed, Zuckerberg

    International Lefthanders Day: 10 Famous People Who Are Left-Handed 2019-08-13 11:34:14

    August 13 is marked as the day of International Lefthanders Day. The day dedicated for lefties was first introduced almost 30 years ago by the Club of Lefthanders. As per figures, only 10 percent of the people are lefthanders, and...

    Keywords: left handed actors percentage, famous left handed athletes, left handed rappers, International Lefthanders Day

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    Facebook, Mark Zuckerbergh, a facebook account is now required to sign up into messenger, Zuckerberg

    A Facebook account is now required to sign up into Messenger 2019-12-27 07:04:32

    Signing up into the Facebook messenger app without a Facebook account has now been quietly disabled.Previously, phone number was enough in order to sign up to Facebook messenger which has been disabled now.“If you’re new to messenger, you’ll notice that...

    Keywords: Mark Zuckerbergh, Facebook, Facebook, Facebook

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    Phone pay, National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), whatsapp pay to get launched in india soon, Zuckerberg

    WhatsApp Pay to get Launched in India soon 2020-02-07 12:58:52

    The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has granted permission to the Facebook to launch WhatsApp Pay app in India. This will provide the messaging app to increase its payment services using the UPI scheme of the government. The messaging...

    Keywords: National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), Google Pay, Paytm, National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)

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    Byju Raveendran, Byju Raveendran Is India’s Newest Billionaire, 37 year old former school teacher byju raveendran is india s newest billionaire, Zuckerberg

    37-Year-Old Former School Teacher Byju Raveendran Is India’s Newest Billionaire 2019-07-29 07:15:35

    Byju Raveendran, the founder of BYJU’S and a former classroom teacher, is India’s newest billionaire. BYJU’S (Think and Learn Pvt Ltd) is a Bangalore-based educational technology and online tutoring firm founded in 2011. The app has grown to a valuation...

    Keywords: Byju Raveendran, Byju Raveendran India’s new billionaire, former school teacher Byju Raveendran, former school teacher Byju Raveendran

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    why is whatsapp age limit 16, how old do you have to be to be on whatsapp, whatsapp to ban accounts that don t meet minimum age requirement, Zuckerberg

    WhatsApp to Ban Accounts That Don’t Meet Minimum Age Requirement 2019-08-16 12:43:13

    In this era of technology, every person irrespective of age is active on social media platforms. As a result, now Facebook-owned WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature to ban accounts that don’t meet age requirement.  Following the implementation of...

    Keywords: why is whatsapp age limit 16, whatsapp parental control, whatsapp, facebook age limit

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    big tech, big tech, big technology can reverse climate change here s how, Zuckerberg

    Big Technology Can Reverse Climate Change, Here’s How 2019-10-24 07:32:27

    If you are not living under a rock, it is possible that you know the levels of risks that our Earth is subjected to. With the polar ends melting and the constant rise in the temperature and the levels of...

    Keywords: big tech, technology, big tech, big tech

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