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  • Private equity firms, Facebook and Jio, jio has announced it is 100 debt free by generating rs 168 818 crore during lockdown, World bank

    Jio has announced it is 100% debt free by generating Rs. 168,818 Crore during lockdown. 2020-06-19 09:56:33

    While the whole world is facing financial issues and with huge companies going bankrupt, reliance Jio has generated a whopping amount of Rs. 168,818 crores by selling shares and by offering stake in Jio platforms. Jio which was in debt...

    Keywords: Reliance Jio investors, Private equity firms, Facebook and Jio, Facebook and Jio

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    emergency fund, india, world bank sanctioned 1 billion as emergency fund for india, World bank

    World Bank sanctioned $1 billion as emergency fund for India 2020-04-03 07:02:27

    With the kind of crisis that India is currently facing with the rampant spread of the coronavirus, the World Bank has issued an emergency fund of $1 billion to help the country fight the disease. The first set of aid...

    Keywords: covid-19, emergency fund, india, world bank

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    Firms Leaving China, Firms Leaving China, india ready to provide land twice luxembourg s size to firms quitting china, World bank

    India Ready To Provide Land Twice Luxembourg’s Size To Firms Quitting China 2020-05-05 14:15:51

    According to people with the knowledge of the matter, on a whole, India has identified 4,61,589 hectares land that is two times the size of Luxembourg for attracting businesses quitting from China.  The areas covered are industrial areas in Gujarat,...

    Keywords: Investment in India, World Bank, World Bank, Luxembourg’s Land

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    Friends of Women’s World Banking, Vijayalakshmi Das, vijayalakshmi das mother of indian microfinance passes away, World bank

    Vijayalakshmi Das, Mother of Indian Microfinance Passes Away 2020-02-10 07:31:18

    Vijayalakshmi Das who has been known as the “Mother of Indian microfinance” has passed away at the age of 67 years, on Sunday. It is said that she was the one who has come forward and hand held some of...

    Keywords: Mother of Indian microfinance, Vijayalakshmi Das, Mother of Indian microfinance, Mother of Indian microfinance

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    Government of India, MSME Emergency response programme, 750 million dollar agreement signed between india and world bank for msme s, World bank

    750 Million dollar agreement signed between India and World Bank for MSME’s: 2020-07-06 15:32:37

    The World Bank and the Government of India today signed the $750 million agreement for the MSME Emergency Response Programme to support the increased flow of finance into the hands of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), severely impacted by...

    Keywords: MSME, MSME Emergency response programme, Government of India, Government of India

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    World Food Programme, Educational Institutions, un agencies working on guidelines for schools reopening safely after covid 19, World bank

    UN Agencies Working On Guidelines For Schools Reopening Safely After COVID-19 2020-05-06 14:31:13

    The COVID-19 outbreak has taken a hit on Educational Institutions and they are not operating ever since. This is impacting children’s wellbeing and education.According to what the UN agencies have estimated, around 154 crore students across the globe are affected...

    Keywords: World Food Programme, World Bank, World Bank, shutdown

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