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  • fiscal year, United States citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), fewer h 1b visas denied in the first quarter of fy20, Visa

    Fewer H-1B Visas Denied in the First Quarter of FY20 2020-01-31 10:17:34

    The first quarter of the fiscal year has witnessed a total of of 18,607 H-1B non- immigrant visas being rejected by the United States citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).It has been found an improvement when compared to the first quarter...

    Keywords: Poorvi Chothani, H-1B visa, United States citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), visas

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    immigration, United States, over 1 600 indians have been deported by the us in 2019, Visa

    Over 1,600 Indians have been deported by the US in 2019 2020-02-07 06:01:32

    The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has provided a data which states that around 1,616 Indians have been deported in the year 2019 in the United States which is said to be the highest in any single year since...

    Keywords: United States, immigration, immigration, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

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    Debbie Abrahams, Delhi airport, british mp who criticized on article 370 denied entry into india deported to dubai, Visa

    British MP who Criticized on Article 370 Denied Entry into India, deported to Dubai 2020-02-17 13:41:50

    Debbie Abrahams who is a British MP was stopped at the Delhi airport on Monday, as reported by the Press Trust of India. The British MP was critical on the decision that has been made by the government of India...

    Keywords: Debbie Abrahams, Article 370, Delhi airport, British MP

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    dessert, ice cream, fried ice cream recipe, Visa

    Fried Ice cream Recipe 2020-02-13 13:50:50

    The love for ice cream never fades away as it excites us with different types of varieties that can be made using the ice cream. Eating just scoops of ice cream can be relishing but trying it in different recipes...

    Keywords: ice cream, fried ice cream, ice cream, dessert

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    China, India, kerala confirms second coronavirus case, Visa

    Kerala Confirms Second Coronavirus Case 2020-02-03 05:46:09

    The second case of the novel coronavirus (nCov) infection in India has been confirmed in Kerala.The person is identified to be a male medical student of a university in Wuhan who had returned from China recently.The Union health ministry said...

    Keywords: Kerala, coronavirus, India, China

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    coronavirus, coronavirus, india temporarily suspends e visa facility for those travelling from china, Visa

    India Temporarily Suspends e-Visa Facility for those Travelling from China 2020-02-03 06:47:03

    The e- visa facilities for the people travelling from China and the foreigners who have been residing in China have been temporarily suspended by the Indian government on Sunday.The suspension of the e- visas was a step that has been...

    Keywords: e-visa, China, India, e-visa

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