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  • Farmers. Farmers’ laws, December, farmers protest will get more serious post december 14 2020, Us congress

    Farmers’ Protest Will Get More Serious Post-December 14 2020 2020-12-10 04:48:56

    After several rounds of discussions held by groups of protesters, leaders, political members, farmers groups and union ministers, there hasn’t been a plausible conclusion. The delayed sixth round table talk which was supposed to be held on Wednesday was supposed...

    Keywords: Farmers. Farmers’ laws, Narendra Modi, Narendra Modi, protest

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    Political parties, Act, farmers protest 11 party leaders lending wholehearted support, Us congress

    Farmers protest- 11 party leaders lending wholehearted support 2020-12-07 11:46:30

    Congress president Sonia Gandhi, DMK chief M K Stalin, Samajwadi party chief Akhilesh Yadav and NCP member Sharad Pawar few among the many parties supporting the December 8th Bharat Band, also known as the Farmers’ union. Here’s what you need...

    Keywords: Politics, Modi, Protest, Government

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    Demands of union, Nationwide union strike, bharat bandh today may affect the banking and transport operations, Us congress

    Bharat Bandh Today: May affect the banking and transport operations 2020-11-26 08:37:35

    The workers are protesting from 10 various central unions today. The protest calls over 25 worker to take in the nationwide strike. The protest can impact the several banking and transport services.The long day strike includes the unions from various...

    Keywords: Impact of Bharat bandh, Impact of Bharat bandh, Protest against government, Impact of Bharat bandh

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    Delhi, Amit Shah, amit shah s farm union meet what you need to know, Us congress

    Amit Shah’s Farm Union Meet - What You Need To Know? 2020-12-09 06:09:14

    Farmer’s entered day 14 of their protest on Wednesday. It would take a while more to arrive at a solution to this problem. The Government and farm unions don’t seem to put an end to this.The outskirts of Delhi is...

    Keywords: Farmer’s Union Meet, Delhi, sixth round of discussion, Farmer’s Union Meet

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    Protest against farm laws, Delhi chalo march, police opened tear gas and water cannons to control the outraging farmers at delhi border, Us congress

    Police Opened Tear Gas and Water Cannons To Control The Outraging Farmers At Delhi Border 2020-11-27 09:40:10

    Indian Police using tear gas in rounds and water cannons on farmers to stop the march at New Delhi border.The action of police is stop the farmers from entering the city.The farmer groups from Punjab reached near to Delhi borders...

    Keywords: Police controlling farmers, Protest against farm laws, Delhi chalo march, Police controlling farmers

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    First dose of vaccine in India, PM Modi about vaccine, pm modi says india will have first covid vaccine doses within weeks, Us congress

    PM Modi Says, India Will Have First COVID Vaccine Doses Within Weeks 2020-12-05 08:50:44

    PM Modi held an all party meeting on Friday to discuss the COVID pandemic situation in India.The meeting also included the discussion about the vaccine procurement. The update from the meeting is that vaccine will be available in India within...

    Keywords: PM Modi about vaccine, COVID vaccine in India, First dose of vaccine in India, First dose of vaccine in India

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