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  • Russia and Ukraine War new updates, Russia and Ukraine War latest updates, ukraine war 60 people killed in a school bombing, Un secretary general

    Ukraine War: 60 People Killed in a School Bombing 2022-05-09 10:46:58

    In a shocking incident, more than 60 people have been killed after a bomb hit the school in the easter part of Ukraine. The country's President Volodymyr Zelensky revealed the news and he said that 90 people have been taking...

    Keywords: Russia and Ukraine War latest updates, Ukraine, Russia and Ukraine War new developments, Russia and Ukraine War news

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    Arora Akanksha breaking news, UN Secretary General, indian origin employee announces her candidacy for secretary general, Un secretary general

    Indian-origin employee announces her candidacy for Secretary General 2021-02-13 12:19:02

    An Indian-origin based employee at the United Nations announced her candidacy for the next Secretary General which happens to be the first person to throw her hat in the rings against Antonio Gutters. Antonio sought a second five-year term from...

    Keywords: UN Secretary General, Arora Akanksha latest, Arora Akanksha for UN, Arora Akanksha campaign

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    Clean Energy steps, Antonio Guterres, world leaders pledge to shift to clean energy, Un secretary general

    World Leaders Pledge To Shift To Clean Energy 2021-09-11 09:43:40

    The entire world witnessed drastic climatic changes which led to several unexpected incidents. There is an urgent need to control and reduce the carbon emissions from the energy sector. This will help people to have access to the electricity in...

    Keywords: Clean Energy measures, Clean Energy news, Antonio Guterres, Clean Energy mission

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    NATO, NATO China news, china declared as a security threat by nato, Un secretary general

    China declared as a Security Threat by NATO 2021-06-15 11:32:58

    The leaders of NATO declared that China is posing a real threat for the security of the globe. NATO said that they are worried about China developing nuclear missiles. NATO during the summit said that the goals of China are...

    Keywords: China about NATO, NATO updates, NATO updates, Joe Biden

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    Gaza Attacks violence, Gaza Attacks, death toll in gaza air strikes reaches 200, Un secretary general

    Death toll in Gaza air strikes reaches 200 2021-05-17 10:04:31

    Several heavy airstrikes took place across the city of Gaza from the past two weeks and the Israeli warplanes killed several people due to the attacks. The entire city was disrupted and the death toll due to these attacks of...

    Keywords: Gaza Attacks violence, Gaza Attacks news, Gaza Attacks videos, Gaza Attacks articles

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    Indian Embassy Ukraine, Indians in Ukraine, india releases faqs for the citizens residing in ukraine, Un secretary general

    India releases FAQs for the citizens residing in Ukraine 2022-02-16 13:03:33

    The tense situation between Russia and Ukraine alerted several countries of the globe as their citizens are residing there. The Indian Embassy in Ukraine alerted the students and wanted them to return back to the country at the earliest. Russia...

    Keywords: Indians in Ukraine latest, Indians in Ukraine updates, Indians in Ukraine updates, Indians in Ukraine updates

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