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  • Study about quick COVID Testing, Frequent and rapid COVID-19 testing, study says quick testing can erase covid 19 within weeks, Study

    Study Says, Quick Testing Can Erase COVID-19 Within Weeks 2020-11-23 07:22:58

    University of Colorado Boulder and Harvard University revealed crucial observations on COVID-19 testing from a new study. The researchers says that quick testing can stop coronavirus transmission within weeks time. The researchers of University of Colorado Boulder said that world...

    Keywords: Study about quick COVID Testing, Stop coronavirus transmission, Frequent and rapid COVID-19 testing, Frequent and rapid COVID-19 testing

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    Mutation D6 14G, Covid-19 patients, study demonstrates how coronavirus got more contagious, Study

    Study Demonstrates How Coronavirus Got More Contagious 2020-11-02 07:46:45

    According to a study involving more than 5000 COVID-19 patients in the US, the reason this virus has got even more contagious is probably due to the accumulation of genetic mutations. Contrarily, one of the research published in the journal...

    Keywords: Coronavirus, Coronavirus, Coronavirus, Covid-19 patients

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    ICMR, ICMR, icmr is not for convalescent plasma therapy to battle against covid 19, Study

    ICMR Is Not For Convalescent Plasma Therapy To Battle Against Covid-19 2020-11-18 09:24:09

    The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is not in favor of indiscriminate use of convalescent plasma therapy (CPT) against the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) even though the number of cases across the country has reached 8.9 million mark.An open-label phase...

    Keywords: Convalescent Plasma Therapy, Covid-19, ICMR, Convalescent Plasma Therapy

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    Salveen Richter, Goldman Sachs analyst, moderna ascends to record ahead of final covid vaccine analysis, Study

    Moderna Ascends To Record Ahead of Final COVID Vaccine Analysis 2020-11-26 06:59:31

    On Wednesday, while investors waited for the final analysis of its Covid-19 shots, Moderna rose upto 10% hitting a high record.After a few days of 151 volunteers in the 30,000 person study, develop symptoms of the virus, then the final...

    Keywords: COVID Vaccine Analysis, Goldman Sachs analyst, Pfizer Inc, Food and Drug Administration

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    Covid-19 vaccine, antibodies in children, study 43 of children have antibodies for covid 19, Study

    Study : 43% Of Children Have Antibodies for Covid-19 2020-11-17 08:46:29

    A new research has found that children are more immune to Covid-19 when compared to adults.Blood samples of more than 300 adults and 48 children were assessed and compared with 170 Covid positive patients.According to findings, there is a particular...

    Keywords: antibodies in children, antibodies in children, Antibodies for covid-19, Covid-19 vaccine

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    covid-19, Two-dose covid-19 vaccine, two dose covid 19 vaccine to be trialed by j j, Study

    Two-dose Covid-19 Vaccine To Be Trialed By J&J 2020-11-16 05:41:39

    On Monday, Johnson and Johnson would test a two-dose covid-19 vaccine with 1000 volunteers participating in the study.Scientists leading the UK trial have said that across 17 sites, there would be 30,000 participants and they are planning on recruiting 6000...

    Keywords: covid-19, Two-dose covid-19 vaccine, Johnson and Johnson, covid-19

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