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    Blonde at the doctors! 2013-05-30 06:15:22

    Please remove your blouse, the doctor told the the young blonde, placing his stethoscope around his neck. When she is ready, the doctor says, "OK, big breaths." "Yeth," she replies, "and I've had them thinth I wath thixthteen!" (AW- Anil)

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    Doctor, Doctor, palestinian canadian doctor uses 3 d printer to create stethoscope, Stethoscope

    Palestinian-Canadian Doctor Uses 3-D Printer To Create Stethoscope 2015-09-11 04:34:41

    A low cost stethoscope was created by a Palestinian-Canadian doctor, Dr. Tarek Loubani, leveraging a 3-D printer for the first time. The doctor say that this stethoscope can be prepared for just $2.50 and hopes it will help as a...

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