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  • Amazon’s re: MARS conference, Amazon’s re: MARS conference, indian animal activist interrupts amazon ceo on stage asking him to do something about chicken farms, Seattle

    Indian Animal Activist Interrupts Amazon CEO on-Stage Asking Him to Do Something About Chicken Farms 2019-06-07 04:52:59

    An Indian American animal right activist briefly interrupted Amazon founder and chief executive officer Jeff Bezos’s on-stage talk when she rushed on stage and asked the world’s richest man to do something about "chicken farms". The 30-year-old Priya Sawhney of...

    Keywords: Amazon’s chicken farms, Amazon CEO interrupted on stage, Jeff Bezos, Jeff Bezos

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    american tourists in India, Incredible India roadshows in US, indian government holds incredible india roadshows in u s cities, Seattle

    Indian Government Holds 'Incredible India' Roadshows in U.S. Cities 2019-06-27 05:21:32

    The Indian government is holding roadshows in different cities of the United States aiming at attracting more Americans to explore the various facets of ‘Incredible India’. The roadshows will showcase the country’s various facets ranging from rich cultural and historical...

    Keywords: incredible India roadshows in US cities, american tourists in India, incredible India roadshows in US cities, incredible India roadshows by Indian goverment

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    capital one hack affected, capital one hacked, woman hacks capital one over 100 million affected in u s, Seattle

    Woman Hacks Capital One, over 100 Million Affected in U.S 2019-07-30 09:16:47

    A Seattle-based woman hacked financial giant and credit issuer Capital One in which over 100 million customers were affected. The massive data breach occurred on March 22-23 this year and for as many as 140,000 individuals, the exposure included Social...

    Keywords: woman hacks capital one, capital bank in US, capital one hacked, woman hacks capital one

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    trump administration, H1B filing fees, trump administration to hike h 1b visa application fee, Seattle

    Trump Administration to Hike H-1B Visa Application Fee 2019-05-07 07:24:59

    Further passing the stringent rules for H-1B visa holders, the Trump administration is proposing a hike in the H-1B visa application fee to increase funding for the expansion of an apprentice programme, which trains American youths in technology-related activities, Labour...

    Keywords: H1B visa, Indian IT companies, H1b visa application fee, H1B visa application fee

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    country cap on green card, house of representatives election, good news for indian techies u s house passes bill removing country cap on green cards, Seattle

    Good News for Indian Techies! U.S. House Passes Bill Removing Country Cap on Green Cards 2019-07-11 04:10:30

    The United States lawmakers Wednesday passed a Green Card bill aimed at lifting the per-country limits on the employment-based cards that would mainly benefit thousands of high-skilled Indian IT professionals, for whom the wait for Green card is more than...

    Keywords: Indian IT professionals, green card backlog latest news, united states congress, green card per country limit bill 2018

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    namo again 2019 images, namo again 2019 images, namo again indian american groups planning victory events in 20 u s cities over bjp s landslide victory, Seattle

    NAMO Again! Indian American Groups Planning Victory Events in 20 U.S. Cities over BJP’s Landslide Victory 2019-05-24 04:52:29

    Staying miles away in the foreign parts never stopped Indians try their best in making their most preferred leader Narendra Modi win in the recently-concluded Lok Sabha elections in India. The months-long campaign for Modi ended on a happier note...

    Keywords: namo again 2019 images, BJP Usa, namo again modi, namo again merchandise

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